Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pendant Necklaces - Country Couture

I love simple necklaces for everyday wear. These go great with jeans and a tee or can make a statement with a printed day dress. I got these fun cord and ribbon necklaces at a recent bead show and found some of the stone pendants there too. (I don't have an Etsy shop yet so if you see something you like, I can send a Paypal invoice.)

Summer Wave Necklace - (SOLD)

Burgundy Asian Charm Necklace - (SOLD)

Burgundy Charm Necklace - (SOLD)

Pink Wildflower Necklace - $5.00

Pink Drop Necklace - (SOLD)

Moss Wrapped Stone Necklace - (SOLD)

Soft Green Stone Necklace - $5.00

Soft Pink Stone Necklace - (SOLD)

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  1. Umm...this could be very dangerous :) I may be going home with some of these today!


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