Wednesday, September 29, 2010

May the Forcth be with you....

AKA: the story of the missing tooth! (Disclaimer: this is a pictorial reenactment of events that took place a few weeks ago, which is why Joanna looks like she's laughing the whole time.)
The kids were in the family room watching Star Wars for the very first time. We thought it was about time that they were introduced to the whole saga and figured they were old enough to handle it. Since we grew up with episodes 4,5,&6 being the whole series, we started them with episode 4 too. Plus it's a little less graphic than the newer ones. Anyways... they were sitting, watching, and totally enthralled. The action is getting a little intense and Soprano is clutching a big floor pillow.

She drops the pillow on the floor and starts to lean over to pick it up but she's still glued to the screen. 

Oops! She was so focused on watching the movie she just leaned forward and completely fell of the couch and landed flat on her face. I was over at the computer and quick ran over when I heard her wailing.

me: Babe, what happened??
Soprano: Wahhhh.....
me: Are you hurt? What did you hit?
Soprano: Wahhh.....
me: Did you hit your nose? your head?
Soprano: I hit my nose, my head, and I think I lost my tooooooothhh.......!

I pick her up, take a look, and sure enough, one front tooth is now embedded in the carpet. Quick pause the movie, get a glass of water, a few snuggles, and we're back to the action. Her tooth had been loose and wiggly for awhile so it wasn't too painful after the initial bump. Who knew watching Star Wars would be a contact sport? (And where was Tenor the whole time? Sitting on the couch, watching the movie until I paused it.) About a week later, Bass helped pull the other front tooth that was also kind of wiggly. So now she has an even more pronounced, but totally adorable lisp and a very cute smile!

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  1. Wait a minute?! How did I NOT know that you have a blog??? Or did I?
    ...I know what I'll be doing tonight (after Survivor), I will be sitting here catching up on all the blog posts that I have missed!!!


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