Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Hydrangeas and Harmony?

Naming a blog has got to be one of the most difficult things ever! I told my husby that creating this thing would be so much easier if I had just one main interest or hobby. But... I have so many things that I love to do, so many crafts that I like to dabble in, and so many things that inspire me, it was hard to narrow it down.

I decided on Hydrangeas and Harmony because I want this blog to be about my whole life, not just the craft aspect, not just family news, not just being involved in our church. At church, I have the great privilege of being part of the Worship and Arts Ministry Team -- I get to sing on the praise team, with the mixed ensemble, with the adult choir, sometimes with the ladies ensemble; I get to play the piano and keyboard (and sometimes handchimes and even the djembe!); I get to co-direct the children's choir and the youth ensemble; I get to just be super involved with all things music! I love to sing and am so blessed that I get to use the gifts the Lord has given me on a regular basis. So that's the 'Harmony' part.

The 'Hydrangea' theme sort of represents our home. I'm not quite sure why we chose it, but we used hydrangeas for our wedding flower. The funny thing is I didn't even like hydrangeas all that much back then. In honor of our special day, we've ended up with 5 hydrangea bushes in our gardens. (4 are blue; 1 is pink.) We have wedding decor leftovers dressing up our master bedroom and in season, I love to have a fresh arrangement on our dining room table. So to illustrate home and family, I came up with 'Hydrangeas'. And now my blog name is alliterated. I love alliteration. It just flows. Ya' know? 

(My blue hydrangeas are really droopy because of the oppressive heat. But my little pink bush --see above-- is doing okay. It has just a few blooms but they're so pretty.)
So there you have it.... why I went with 'Hydrangeas and Harmony'. (And about 10 other names I tried were already taken. *giggle*) Thanks for stopping by!

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