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Interior Design Homeschool Elective for High School

I've been meaning to get this on the blog for ages. Soprano was/is interested in interior design and decorating so I thought she'd enjoy an interest-led elective exploring it. I couldn't really find anything for high schoolers that would be enough for a 1/2 credit, so I made my own course, pulling together all sorts of resources.
Then she loved it so much in 9th grade that she wanted to continue with it in 10th grade. Begin the search for materials again... :)
Since HGTV and the DIY Network are so popular, I'm guessing there are other students out there that might be interested in an elective course too. Here it is for you!
Part 1 is a half-credit course, while part 2 has enough work to be a full credit. You could add a lot of hands-on project hours and have 2 full credits. Enjoy!

Part 1 Materials:
PDF of schedule
"My Beautiful Room" not pictured
Intro to Interior Design
Course Description:

In this course, the student will utilize various resources to explore the world of interior design and decorating. Topics will include: housing and human needs, interior design careers, housing styles and choices, floor planning, elements of design (line, shape, color, emphasis, balance, proportion, texture), furniture, backgrounds and accessories, lighting, budgeting for design, and building components and materials, etc. The student will also put into practice what they will learn about design and technical drawing and creating briefs, client profiles, and design proposals with various projects. Hands-on application will be emphasized with a completed portfolio due at the end of the course. The final capstone project will be presented orally and include a design brief, client profile, design proposal with sample board, floor plan, and budget.

Materials used:
Interior Design: Designing Space You Can Live With by Learning Zone Xpress
Interior Design Course by Tomris Tangaz
My Beautiful Room by Jasmine Orchard and Olivia Whitworth
Elements of Interior Design Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child
Doodle Design & Draw: Dream Rooms by Ellen Christiansen Kraft
Fashion Angels Portfolio: Interior Design Sketch Set by Fashion Angels

Grading Assessment:
Daily Work - 10%
Discussion/Worksheets - 15%
Projects, Lapbook, Portfolio - 35%
Quizzes – 10%

Capstone Project - 30%
Credits – .5

Part 1 main spines
Part 1 hands-on activity extras
Work Samples:
Examples of design terms
Color wheel and color theory

Creating various types of color schemes
Hands of a Child final lapbook
At the end of the year (and part 1), Soprano presented a complete room design for her capstone project. Counted that towards Speech too. :)

Part 2 Materials:
PDF of schedule
Applications of Interior Design 
Course Description:

In this course, the student will use various resources to explore the world of interior design and decorating. Topics will include: the history of furniture styles, color and design principles, measuring/drawing floor plans, space planning, architectural details, flooring, lighting, window treatments, 2-D and 3-D objects, kitchens and baths, and interior design as a business. They will put into practice what they learn by completing full designs for 2 living rooms, a dining room, kitchen, bath, and bedroom. For those rooms, they will create floor and space plans, lighting and furniture schedules, sample boards, and budgets. They will complete various other projects like creating a watercolor color wheel, creating a business name and business card, using architectural detail cut-outs to create interiors that match exteriors worksheets, creating furniture style notecards, creating an architectural detail glossary, sewing a pillow, and writing responses to prompts. The student will also keep a log of projects they work on around the house. The design projects will be presented orally.

Materials used:
Decorating Hints & Tips by Julian Cassell and Peter Parham
Decorating with Architectural Details by Philip Schmidt
Interior Decorating 101: Volume I by Shirley Lise
Interior Decorating 101: Volume II by Shirley Lise
“Family and Consumer Science Unit 6” by Alpha Omega Publications
Architecture Paper: Home Sweet Home by
Stanley Project Planners: Landscape Designer (optional)

Grading Assessment:
Daily Work - 15%
Projects/Activity Log - 35%
Room Designs Project - 35%
Credits – 1
Quizzes – 5%
Tests – 10%

Part 2 main spines

A fun, optional extra I found at a thrift store

Work Samples:
Furniture styles and eras | Pictorial glossary of architectural details
Room design project for the Alpha Omega Lifepac
Creating interiors to coordinate with the exterior architecture paper from
2 of 6 final room designs for the end-of-year presentation
We also kept a log of hours for any home decorating or DIY that Soprano tackled or helped us with. We're in the middle of some remodeling so she was able to get quite a few hours. It's another good way to have some practical hands-on work.
Happy designing!
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