Monday, April 13, 2020

10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices - World History

Much like last year, we still have a few hands-on projects, but our overall schoolwork has shifted to more writing and textbooks than picture-worthy assignments.

Tenor's senior year is completely dual enrollment at the local tech college. For him, all I need to do is file paperwork with the state and help him with his English Comp papers. Totally different type of year for him.

Soprano's high school years continue with her sophomore year. Here's what she's using:

Math: Saxon Algebra 2 and Life of Fred books
We are plugging away through the Saxon series, continuing with Algebra 2 this year. She'll also do several chapters in Life of Fred every couple weeks. She should finish 1 or 2 LOF books this year.

English/Bible/History/Geography: My Father's World - World History and Literature
Soprano is continuing with My Father's World this year. Lots of British Lit...totally my genre. Will we be watching all of the Jane Austen adaptation movies this year? Oh, definitely yes!
She also has a required literature list from which she needs to pick at least 20 books. Plus there is a good selection of lit recommended in WHL (see the stack with red tape on the spines).

Science: Guest Hollow Chemistry in the Kitchen
I came across this option for a non-math-y chemistry program that seemed like it would fit Soprano's style better than a traditional textbook option. (Update on this since it's taken me all year to post our curricula choices... she loves this program! My very non-sciency kid talks about what she's learning in science all the time! We're such fans that we'll be using Guest Hollow again next year for 11th grade.)

Music/Art: Harmony Fine Arts 10th grade plans
Soprano will also be working towards a fine arts credit using the Harmony Fine Arts plans from 10th to 12th grade. This year she'll be focusing on Renaissance and Baroque art and classical and early romantic composers.

Foreign Language: Last year of French. I found this book, French: The Easy Way, that we'll use in conjunction with some French readers and DuoLingo.

Career Exploration - 1/2 credit
Working through what 'work' is, what 'calling' is, and potential future careers (as well as college majors) for Soprano's personality and giftings. We're using Understanding God's Calling from the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics and Career Exploration from 7 Sisters.
Creative Writing - 1 credit
Soprano is taking on another year of creative writing. Her stories are so funny and imaginative. This year we're using The Creative Writer by Sharon Watson.

Interior Design - 1 credit
Soprano loved this last year and was excited to continue. It took a bit of work to find resources I could put together into a course, but this is what I found online.

These lit-based curricula make the amount of needed books look insane!

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