Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is no time to panic!

I don't generally freak out when my kids get hurt or sick. We've had some scary moments, like when Tenor fell into the couch and split his face open right near his eye or when he face planted on the school playground and you could see way too much of his nose or a few high fevers when he and Soprano were young, but we've been blessed to not have anything life threatening, anything requiring surgery or extensive hospital stays. So I don't generally panic when when my kids are sick or get a bump or bruise.

But the other night I sort of freaked out. Soprano woke up crying saying that her neck and shoulder hurt and she felt like she was choking. I thought maybe her jammies were around her neck so we unbuttoned her shirt a bit and were checking her out. We noticed she had a fever and as we were trying to figure out what was happening, her legs starting convulsing involuntarily. She was coherent and talking to us the whole time so it wasn't seizures but since she has a pretty high tolerance of pain and wouldn't stop moaning and crying, I got worried. My first thought was meningitis so Bass called our family doctor who confirmed that we should get her to the ER.

As Bass headed to the hospital, I called family and asked friends to pray and then waited for an update. When they got there, her fever spiked to 103, and she was still in pain. After a long night in the ER, some X-rays, and some childrens' Motrin, the doctor there said that her symptoms were not meningitis but probably just the onset of the flu.

A day of rest at home, she had no more fever, no more pain, no tummy troubles, no flu-like symptoms. So while we appreciated the ER doc's care, I don't think he was right. Her symptoms were too strange, came on too fast, and went away too quickly for it just to be the flu.

I honestly think that she had something worse. I don't know what it was, but I truly believe that the Lord removed it in response to the prayers of His people. As I was waiting to hear an update from Bass, I was trying to sleep. But I couldn't. Each time my mind started thinking again, I heard that still small voice saying, "Just trust; just trust." So I trusted. God worked. And we are so thankful!

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  1. WE are rejoicing with you too! God is our Great Healing and Physician!


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