Friday, November 11, 2011

Rag Wreath (and front door version 2.1)

New Easy Rag Wreath
You may remember from this post that we had done some serious exterior painting and fixing up. I was unsure of how I felt about the front door color and thought I might change it. Well, I did for 2 reasons.
#1 I didn't really like the color. It was too pale in comparison to the shutters and garage door.
#2 After we installed the new door weatherstripping, it peeled the paint off. All of it. Peeling like large pieces of sunburnt skin or like a ripe banana. I had a wad of peeled off paint the size of a softball. I was seriously annoyed!

So the plan to repaint the door a different color seemed to be set into motion. I went back to the store and they actually let me return the original paint and mixed up a new quart free of charge. Who says big box stores don't offer good customer service?? (Well, usually they don't but in this case I was a little surprised they did that and very pleased.)

We had 2 warmer days last week so I scraped off the last bits of old paint, sanded the door down, put on 3 coats of exterior primer, and then 2 coats of the new color. We've left the door open for the past 3 days in order to let the paint cure ----- hoping to avoid another paint peeling mess!
I think I like the new darker color. It seems to match the tone of the shutters more.

Now that the door is painted (again!), I was able to hang the fall wreath that I made. I found a bundle of fabric strips on clearance at JoAnn's and just loved the colors. It was on sale for about $7.00. I picked up a 12" wire wreath frame at Michaels with a coupon and then found a cute little fall ornament on clearance to put in the middle. The orange ribbon hanging the wreath was how the fabric bundle was tied together---aka free. So for just under $10, I made a cute little fall wreath that works great with the new door color.

To make the wreath, I first cut the twenty 2.5" x 42" strips into 5.25" lengths.Then I knotted them onto the wire wreath frame alternating the patterns and colors. (I actually kept them in the order that they came bundled which was a nice arrangement.) After they were all on (I used the entire bundle,) I fluffed them out so all the tails were pointing forward. Then I untied one piece and retied it around the wire loop in my ornament. I wouldn't have minded if it were just a bit fuller overall but there aren't any holes so I think it works.

A quick trip down memory lane to see how far the front door has come...
BEFORE: Peeling paint, crack in the door, nasty step. Ick!
AFTER: All the trim is painted but the door is too light.

AFTER AFTER: Can you see the difference in the paint color? It's more obvious in person.
And one last before and after:

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  1. Your front door has come a long way. The new door and paint make a huge difference!


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