Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mini Pennants on an Old Window

In my quest to really finish off some rooms, I tackled the next Master Bedroom project from the to-do list: a new bit of 'art' and a mini pennant. The corner of our room has a bit of space where we put in an Ikea Billy bookcase for some extra storage. I had a floral topiary from our wedding and a big framed print (from the old house) there too. They were okay but weren't meshing with our beach cottage look that I'm going for. The print went into decor storage because I still love it; I just don't have another place for it currently. The topiary went down to my seasonal decor stuff. I hate to get rid of it because it was a wedding thing so I thought it could come out at springtime.

The next step was to figure out what to put in their place! We have scads of old windows hanging around because we just replaced all the windows in the house. To prep the window, Bass added some hanging hardware to the back and I wiped it down. The paint is a little chippy but in pretty good shape so I didn't sand or seal the window at all. If you get a window that's really peeling, you might want to scrape off any large flakes, sand it, or apply a coat of clear sealer. Bass hung the window but while it fits our beach cottage theme better it was kinda boring.
I loved the pennant banner I made for the laundry room so I thought a mini version might be cute on the window. I followed the same steps with a few changes. I started by using Word to print a triangle shape the size I wanted for the pennants.

I made the shape the exact size of the pennant that I wanted for my finished pieces. Except, I added a little top flap that I would use to create a pocket for them to hang. 

After I cut all the triangles I wanted (from scrap fabric from my fall rag wreath, the command center boards, and some Osnaburg), I started sewing. I folded the top over so the points lined up and then sewed a very narrow seam to create a little pocket.
After trimming all the threads, I used thin twine and just threaded the little triangles on in a planned random order. :) I didn't sew the sides under and I didn't line them so when I attached them to the window, I actually had to unthread them and turn them around so they would all face forwards. And now, my dressed up window.

It's funny how this window was totally disgusting and not worth keeping when it was functioning as a real window. Now that it's out of the window casing and purely decorative, it's perfect!
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  1. I love how you have combined two classics and old window and the pendant banner. That banner is so tiny and cute. I don't think I have seen one like it before. Really great tutorial too!

  2. So pretty! Featuring you this weekend! XO, Aimee


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