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School Summary -- Daniel, Esther, and the Persian Empire

A Summary of April 15 - 26
Co-op is done, Easter has passed, and we're rapidly approaching the end of our school year. Subjects are getting finished up which is making our days a little lighter and easing us into a summer schedule. We are all quite ready to take a break but until we're officially finished, the younglings are enjoying the lovely spring weather and playing outside as much as they possibly can!
Here's what we did:

Things that were scheduled as usual:
Tenor finished up Saxon 6/5 and we moved him right into Saxon 7/6. He'll most likely end up doing all of the higher maths so we wanted to keep him going right onto the next level.
Language Arts (Grammar, Spelling, Penmanship, Reading, and Writing)

Civics: I didn't realize but we finished up for the year last week. I'm looking for ideas on how to incorporate civics next year without a lot of extra work.
Health: I've been going back and forth several times about whether or not to finish the whole health book that we used this year. I had copied all the worksheets at the beginning of the year and then decided we'd only do half the book. Looking at next year's MFW, they'll get 2/3 of a year of anatomy so we won't need health. They'll also be getting one term of health with our co-op. But I have all the photocopies which will be too 'young' for their grade level in 2 years so we're going to finish out the book. It's not too much because everything else is already finishing up. They did a worksheet on 'Water and the Body' this past week.
PA History: worksheets on the highs and lows (elevation) and the rivers of PA.

My Father's World Creation to the Greeks-
We continued with the story of Daniel and then read about Esther, both of whom lived during the time of the Persian empire.
Bible: We kept working on learning a long passage from Isaiah 40 adding several verses this week. To help us remember, we're making up motions to go along with the different phrases. We also reviewed the 10 Commandments and Psalm 23. 
We read passages in part of the book of Daniel and most of the book of Esther.
Science: We continued reading about Archimedes life and discoveries. Some of the early chapters have been pretty long but the book is well written and engaging.
History: We did some notebooking worksheets about Daniel and Esther. We also read how the Persians captured Babylon and their subsequent wars with Greece.
We also added a few pieces to our timelines.

Other MFW: 
Music: Two more weeks of Handel, including Lascia Ch'ia Pianga (one of my favorites) and several pieces from the Messiah. The younglings notebooked about 1 song during week 31 using these sheets and then for week 32, they each picked one of the Messiah songs and copied out the verse that Handel based that song on and drew a picture.
Art: They did lessons on light against dark, painting vases, and drawing columns.

Time Warp Trio: My Big Fat Greek Olympics (part 1, 2 and 3)

no videos this week

Favorite Books:
Esther's Story by Diane Wolkstein
Artemisia of Caria by Shirin Bridges
The Greek News by Anton Powell

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