Thursday, January 2, 2014

I was published!

Well, this is definitely a cool way to start the new year. I was published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! It's a bimonthly digital magazine for home educators (homeschoolers). They had an open call for articles on various topics about a year ago and I submitted two ideas. One of the editors contacted me to request an article based on one of my pitches. We went back and forth with the agreement contract, deadlines, etc and then I had a bunch of friends proof my potential article. I submitted it last summer and kind of forgot about it.
One of the last emails that the editor sent me said that the probable publication date would be January 2014. But of course, they had final say as to whether or not they would choose to actually publish my article. Which they did! (cue squealing)

The online magazine is completely free to read. Check out my article here:

(Or you can download the free app and read it on your mobile device:

If this is the way the new year begins, I have high hopes for how the rest of it will go.

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