Thursday, June 12, 2014

2 Minutes, $2, 2 Pool Noodles - My Boot Fix

Our master closet is slated for the to-do list. I think it could be much more functional with more shelving and multi-level rods and better shoe storage. Until it happens though, it works okay.
However, the boot situation was not okay.
They were flopping all over or stuck in boxes and getting creases where they shouldn't have creases. I saw this tip online somewhere (probably pinterest) so it's not an original idea but I finally got around to implementing it.

I got two pool noodles at 5 Below... total cost $2.00 (plus tax.)
I stuck it in a boot, gauged how tall it should be and cut it to length using Bass's Exact-O knife.
I didn't really measure.
In about two minutes, I had this. Happy boots, standing tall. And no, I'm not showing any pics of where they got crammed inside the closet. :)

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