Wednesday, October 8, 2014

School Summary - Daniel Boone Homestead Field Trip

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The Boone House
For this year's Smithsonian Museum Day, we decided to visit the Daniel Boone Homestead. We aren't quite up to Daniel Boone in our history studies but of the participating museums, this was the closest that is something that we'll be learning about later this school year.
The weather was gorgeous to walk the grounds and see the various buildings.
After a week in Virginia, the Daniel Boone Homestead was a little less exciting than Colonial Williamsburg but it was an easy trip. If you go, you only need a couple hours to see everything.
A small family garden by the farmhouse.
The farmhouse kitchen
The opposite wall in the farmhouse kitchen.
The farmhouse dining area

Checking out a weaving loom
Looking up the hill to the bank barn
We didn't pay for the guided tour so we just used the map from the Visitor's Center to fill us in.
The Blacksmith shop/forge

The Blacksmith Shop
They had sheep in the barn!
The flax-to-cloth process
The Bertolet House and Smokehouse
The Bertolet Smokehouse
The Bertolet Smokehouse
The Bertolet Sawmill
Daniel Boone Lake
The DeTurk Cemetary

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