Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Break Field Trip Part 3 - Plymouth, MA

Plimoth Plantation
After three days in Philly and one day traveling to visit Lexington and Concord, we settled in at our hotel in Norwood, MA and got ready for our next leg.

Day 5 was spent in Plymouth, MA.
It was another super cold day! Brr! We started at the Visitor Center at Plimoth Plantation by watching the short film presentation.
Nine Men's Morris game board

Then we headed out to the Native American Village. We pretty much ran from wigwam to wigwam trying to get inside and close to their fire. We didn't stay out there very long.
Next up was the artisan building where a candle-maker, potters, and bread makers were working. The gift shop was in this building too. After we warmed up for a bit, we ventured out to the settlement.
In the settlement, the costumed interpreters are all acting as though they are from the 1620s. It's really interesting to have conversations with them. We met "William Brewster" and "Mistress Brewster" as well as some other town folk. After more running from fire to fire, we decided to call it a day.
I think if it had been warmer and less rainy (or later in the season), there would have been more to do and more interpreters and historians to talk with.

We had originally purchased our tickets for the Plantation through Go Boston Card. It was a great deal that included the plantation as well as the Mayflower reproduction. But I realized when putting together our itinerary that the Mayflower was out for repair and not even in MA! I was able to get a refund on the Go Boston Card and bought our tickets from Plimoth Plantation directly. We got the package deal that included the Grist Mill.
The Grist Mill was cool. They do demonstrations twice a week and have hands-on science activities for kids. The expression "been through the mill" now totally makes sense!

 Since we had time, we decided to drive into Plymouth and find Plymouth Rock
and the William Bradford statue (since Bass is a direct descendant.)

If it's a nice day, Plimoth Plantation (with the Mayflower II and Grist Mill) could take a whole day.
They have several gift shops in the main building as well as a cafe and eating area for purchased food. They also have a farmer's market set-up each week.
The town of Plymouth has lots of statues and several museums that are worth checking out. We didn't get there until late in the day so the museums were already closed. It was also too cold to get out at every statue or monument. It could be another full day of things to see if you have time.

If you're blessed, you might even get to see these cuties!

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