Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Machines and Motion Units 3 and 4

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Continuing with AIG's Machines and Motions unit 3, we learned about kinematics by
understanding frame of reference, measuring speed and velocity, observing acceleration caused by gravity. I'm not sure why I don't have pictures of any of the experiments. ?
We skipped a few things that seemed like they'd be too hard to do. We didn't do the second half of the frame of reference because we didn't have a wagon big enough to put a person in; we also skipped the relativity poster in lesson 20.

In unit 4, we started exploring dynamics (laws of motion, gravity, falling bodies) by observing inertia.
When you flick the card, the coin drops straight down into the cup due to its inertia.
We explored the second law of motion,
experiencing the third law of motion,
and played with gravity.
 We did an egg drop,
Soprano's design
Her design was unsuccessful.
Tenor's design: 4 small, inflated balloons in the bottom of the box; the egg wrapped in bubble wrap; 4 inflated balloons attached to the corners of the box
Tenor's design was successful! He gave credit to watching MacGyver.
determined whether mass affects how fast things fall,
and understood center of mass.
We didn't use the green experiment from lesson 26 but did this balancing bird instead.
We also skipped the green experiments in  lesson 21 and lesson 23.

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