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School Summary - 3 Weeks of Late 1800s and Early 1900s Then Break

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Soprano's Mandarin Square
A Summary of December 7 -24
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we had one day shy of four weeks of school. With holiday projects and preparations, it took some serious willpower to get everything done. Now that Christmas is behind us, we'll enjoy a break until the Monday after New Year's Day. Then head into our 18th week... the halfway mark for our school year!

Here's what we did:

Things that were scheduled:
Tenor is one lesson and a test short of finishing Algebra I! I tried to talk him into doing some extra so we could start the new year in Algebra II but he was not inclined. :)
Language Arts (Grammar with Writing and Literature for both; Spelling for Soprano)
Just doing the composition assignments in their Grammar books instead of an entire separate writing curriculum has been wonderful this year. Although they still dig their heels in when it's time to do one. Soprano finished an essay on alligators and did some work on friendly and business letters.
Greek and Computer Science (Tenor), American Sign Language, Photography, and Sewing (Soprano)
Dare I say again that we need to catch-up on sewing? I'm hoping to finish her current project (a pieced potholder) and start the next over break. 
A bound blanket she made as a Christmas gift using a pre-sewn front panel for her brand-new baby cousin
Tenor aced his Greek mid-term, but is really behind on projects for his computer science course. Hmm, maybe I'll nudge him to work on those over break too.

My Father's World 1850 to Modern Times
Weeks 15-17... were all over the place. I appreciate the chronological study of history. It's interesting to see how events in different countries influenced and affected other countries all over the world. However we're going so fast. :) I wish we had just a bit more time to really absorb everything.

Bible: This year we will be learning (reviewing) basic Christian beliefs and memorizing key Bible passages. We learned Philippians 4:6-7 and Matthew 6:33.
History and Geography: 
We looked again at the westward movement of American people (thereby displacing Native Americans). We talked about industrialization (thereby displacing cottage workers) and how the stock market came about, and then tracked two stocks.
Graphing Kroger's stock
Graphing J.C. Penney's stock
After a week of "investing" --- Soprano's choice didn't do very well.
We jumped into Asian history studying the Sino-Japanese War and then the Boxer Rebellion.
The student sheet has a misprint. The red is supposed to be on the top of the circle (see right). Tenor likes to read ahead and followed the student sheet not me reading the activity book and got them reversed.
The stances for Kung Fu are very similar too, but named differently from, Tae Kwon Do, which Tenor still takes. He explained that kicks and punches all stem from these basic positions.

Over to the U.S. and Teddy Roosevelt and the Panama Canal project
Then to Russia for Czar Alexander II, Nicholas II, and Nicholas III.
(We did the Russian ballet positions activity but the youngling and padawan asked to not have the pics online. It wasn't that bad, honest. :) )
Back to Asia and China's the Last Emperor
Tenor's Chinese Mandarin Squares
Across the Pacific to America and the Wright Brothers
Right back to Vietnam's quest for independence
And then finally stopping in Persia (Iran).

I have history lag. :)
We skipped building our own torpedo, doing Vietnamese water puppetry (really??), and Bedouin Weaving (It was Christmas Eve.) Outlining, timeline, and maps got done though. 
Science: We're also using the World of Science reading assignments to review what we learned this summer.
Other MFW: 
Music:  We're bridging the gap from Sousa to Satchmo with the DVD included in the MFW kit. It's interesting to see how march music evolved into jazz. But the DVD has a super long intro that you can't skip past that's kind of annoying. We've been doubling up weeks just to avoid watching that intro over and over. :)
Art: We learned about Remington and copied the masters. Then we continued with Impressionism and Renoir.
You can see them all in my Youtube playlist for weeks 1-16. Here is the list for weeks 17-34.
The Presidents by The History Channel
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Episode 30)
Fiddler on the Roof
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (with Shirley Temple)
Samantha: An American Girl
Animated Hero Classics: The Wright Brothers
The King and I
The Magic School Bus: Taking Flight

Favorite Books: 
Frederic Remington by Mike Venezia
Samantha books from American Girl
Leah's Pony (Oklahoma) by Elizabeth Friedrich
My Brothers' Flying Machine by Jane Yolen

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