Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016-2017 7th Grade Curriculum Choices - Notgrass, Beautiful Feet, Winter Promise

Tenor is headed into high school with new curricula so Soprano is on her own this year. I'm a little sad that we won't be learning together anymore, but we're switching things up and using several new curricula and focusing on her love of horses this year, so I think it will be fun.
Here's what we're planning on Soprano using for her 7th-grade year:

Math: continuing on with Saxon and Life of Fred. She'll begin Saxon 8/7 and continue with Life of Fred Jelly Beans. She loves LOF so much that she did Goldfish, Honey, and Ice Cream over the summer. She's also started talking about going to college to become a math teacher. We shall see. :)

Grammar: English 7 by Rod and Staff
It includes grammar, some composition, some poetry, and some speech. Gets it done without too much pain. Bonus: no more spelling. We don't do formal spelling after 6th grade. Soprano is not complaining. :)
Literature/Vocab: History of the Horse by Beautiful Feet Books
Beautiful Feet is a new publisher for us this year. I saw their horse program and knew Soprano would probably love it. This program is intended to be done as a read aloud study, but I created a set of notebooking sheets to make this more independent. She'll tackle a huge stack of horse literature.
Books included are:
King of the Wind, White Stallions of Lipizza, Justin Morgan Had a Horse, Misty of Chincoteague, Brighty of the Grand Canyon, and Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West, Black Beauty, Album of Horses, Eyewitness Handbook of Horses, How to Draw 50 Horses, Horses of the World card game, George Washington's World, The Star Spangled Banner, Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?, Bully For You, Teddy Roosevelt!, and One Bad Thing About Father. The Black Stallion is scheduled at the very end as an extra book with one assignment, but is also in her science curriculum.
Bible: Bible Road Trip Year 2 -- dialectic stage
Soprano will be using year 2 of Bible Road Trip. I thought it would make life easier if they each had a separate set of plans to work from instead of having to share a binder every day. This will put her doing year 1 (Old Testament through Esther) during her 9th grade year. I'm adding in the What's in the Bible DVDs that are scheduled in the grammar level too.
Science: Equine Science from Winter Promise
This is a new publisher for us. I've heard mixed reviews on WP, but they had the most complete horse science program for Soprano's grade level available. This doesn't have any experiments but there are hands-on activities, crafts, drawing and coloring, and lots of extra literature.
Books included are:
Complete Horse Care Manual, Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement, Album of Horses, How to Think Like a Horse, Your Horse Notebook, Horse Crazy!, Horse Anatomy, Draw 50 Horses, Leonardo's Horse, The Red Pony , Great Horse Stories, Black Horses for the King , Black Stallion, My Friend Flicka. Misty, Brighty, Album of Horses and Draw 50 Horses are repeated from her lit course so we'll probably skip those.

History: Uncle Sam and You by Notgrass
Another new publisher. This is less of a history curriculum and more of a civics and government course. She asked to learn about government and this seemed perfect for our election year.
Literature books are:
The Long Winter, A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, Lincoln: An Autobiography, The Wright Brothers, Basher Five-Two, and Lost on a Mountain in Maine, as well as the repeated Misty and Brighty which we will skip.
Fine Arts: 8th-grade plans for art and music from Harmony Fine Arts
HFA is another completely new curriculum for us. Soprano asked to study modern composers this year. In searching for what to use, I came across Harmony Fine Arts. The 8th-grade plans include modern art and composers that we didn't study with MFW. She will do some of the included hands-on art included, do some sketching and coloring in BFB and WP, and utilize the chalk pastel tutorials from Southern Hodgepodge. She'll continue with piano lessons and will maybe start voice.
Her artists and composers are: Renoir, Cassatt, Gauguin, John Singer Sargent, Matisse, and Pollock
Peter Tchaikovsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Francis Poulenc, Aaron Copland, Dmitri Kabalevsky, and Leonard Bernstein

Foreign Language: French Level I from Memoria Press and Instant Immersion American Sign Language from Topics Entertainment
For this year's work, I gave Soprano (almost) free reign to pick what she wanted to study. She said government and French. I'm not sure where either came from but she'll be doing government and French. I found a middle school level French program from Memoria Press at a local curriculum swap. We're planning on French I this year and French II next year. She also wants to continue with ASL. I got a set of CDRom discs at our state homeschool convention.

A few extra things:
art sticker book, ASL VHS tapes, a couple French books, YWAM missionary biographies for supplemental reading, more Mike Venezia books.
We didn't really nail down any other electives. I have a sewing book that we might use for a couple projects. I'm looking at this year to be a lot more relaxed for Soprano so I can help Tenor get adjusted to high school. The year of the horse and all of these books
it will be good!

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