Friday, December 23, 2016

Budget Pouches for Kids

Looking at the Christmas budget this year, I thought maybe I'd make the padawans something to try to stretch our pennies. Even with all the sales and coupons, I'm not quite sure I achieved any significant savings. Isn't that how homemade gifts always work? :)
My project is something I've been wanting to do for the padawans for a long time. I've pinned several ideas for kid budgeting but never found something that really struck me. Then I stumbled across this zipper pouch tutorial. I thought I could adjust it just a bit to make it work for the padawans.

Soprano's set of 'shop, save, and share' pouches is a France theme. It's funny...I remember being enamored with all things French when I was about her age. Even took French in middle school and high school. When I spotted the blue Eiffel Tower print at JoAnn's, I knew that's the direction I wanted to go.
 Her pouches are each lined with a coordinating fabric.
Eiffel Tower print with blue trellis lining
French bakery print with mint butterfly lining
Macaron print with Paris script lining
Tenor's budget pouches are a completely different theme...Doctor Who. 
Doctor Who Villains, a fractal title print, and tardises... tardisae, tardis, tardi?
His are all lined with the same dark blue galaxy fabric.
I followed the tutorial exactly except for one step. After I cut all the pieces, I sewed a little piece of clear plastic onto one of the outside fabric pieces. I used a zigzag stitch to go around 3 of the sides to make a little pocket.
After the sewing was finished, I tucked a little piece of paper. Each set has a 'shop', a 'save', and a 'share'.
My hope is that the padawans will use these whenever they receive money (either little jobs for us or the neighbors or as gifts). They can split their money up to be able to save some, tithe or bless others (share), and of course, spend on things that end up on their wish lists.
If not, the pocket papers are changeable.
Do you make handmade gifts for the holidays? Any projects left on your list? :)

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