Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Gift


The first page. The date is missing from the second year because I don't know how many years I can fit in the book. I'll add it when the book is full.

Since my hubby is one of the few people who read my blog regularly, I had to wait to post pics of his Father's Day gift. Every year, I get the kids' picture taken (usually a free 8x10 at Picture People with a coupon) and create a double page layout for a special scrapbook.
I try to vary each year with a theme or different way for the kids to be involved. It simplifies things as far as what to get as a Father's Day gift and it has so much more meaning than simply choosing another necktie. It's great to pull it out each year and see how the kids have grown and changed. The only hard part is trying to wrap it differently each year to make it less obvious for Bass.

2005 - I traced their hands and added a few words about how much they love Daddy.

2006 - I asked the kids a series of questions about Daddy. Their answers are really cute.

2007 - a 'punny' fruit themed page

2008 - I used little slips of paper that came home with Tenor from a school project. He had given answers to "Why I love my 'Cracker Jack' Dad" and they had wrapped it in a Cracker Jack box. I had Soprano answer the same for me and slipped them into a 'pocket' that I made on the facing page.

2009- We had purchased a Wii game system as our family Christmas gift the year before so the kids were very much into playing with Daddy. I took accessories and games as props for the picture and asked the kids what they liked to play with Daddy.

2010 - This pic sums up the kids relationship at the moment. Like most siblings, sort of 'love/hate'. I titled it 'Love' and asked them to give me 3 things they loved about Daddy and included their responses.

2011 - This year's pic. We just moved and have been remodeling/renovating/project doing for the past 8 months. The kids have pitched in willingly (most of the time) so a 'Kid Depot' themed page seemed to fit this year.

Happy Father's Day, dear.

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