Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Heat and Energy Units 3 and 4

For unit 3, we learned about electricity by
having fun with static electricity
making an electroscope,
testing materials as conductors and building circuits.
 We skipped a few things including the uses for static electricity activity, the lightning in your mouth demonstration, and the burglar alarm activity.
A tip for this unit... make sure your batteries are brand new or you'll have trouble getting the circuits to work.

Unit 4 was all about magnetism. We skipped the experiments from lessons 17 and 18 and used the Fun with Magnets kit (scheduled in MFW) instead.
The youngling and padawan LOVED this magnet kit. I'll pull it out again for review when we get to those weeks in the MFW schedule. 
We continued in the unit and made our own compass,
and made our own electromagnet.
We skipped observing an electric motor because I didn't want to sacrifice one of my appliances for science. If I can find a small appliance at a yard sale or thrift store for super cheap, I might pick it up and revisit the activity. I think Tenor would love to tinker with it.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Heat and Energy Units 1 and 2

We're already starting our third (of four) science book of the summer. I think the youngling and the padawan will really enjoy the next books. We'll be moving from chemistry into physics. I'm starting our physics study with God's Design for the Physical World: Heat and Energy.
This is the stuff I remember from my school days so I'm hoping it will be easy to explain the concepts.

For unit 1, we learned about the different forms of energy by
observing mechanical energy,
Pushing a penny off the table; It had potential energy, and then we gave it kinetic energy.
 harnessing wind energy,
 showing how height affects potential energy,
Rolling a marble down a ramp

We skipped the chemical energy scavenger hunt, researching biofuels, and making a nuclear power plant model.

In unit 2, we explored thermal energy. (Not so much fun standing over a hot stove in the middle of summer. :) )
We heated up water and vegetable oil to learn about specific heat.
We skipped testing insulators and conductors but observed the heat of fusion and vaporization,
and observed convection.
blue food coloring in cold water to be added to very warm water
red food coloring in very warm water to be added to very cold water
We skipped the appliance design activity and the "testing for radiated energy" experiment as well as the lesson 10 experiments.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Properties of Atoms and Molecules Units 6 and 7

I only picked select lessons from unit 6 and 7.
For unit 6, we read but didn't do "A Balanced Diet". We did the pineapple juice enzyme experiment though.
Spoiler alert: eventually they all sink to the bottom.
We watched three pieces of banana rot in the decomposition experiment.
Top left: warm and light; Top right: warm and dark (and smelly!); Bottom: cold and dark.
We skipped lesson 27 and the experiment in lesson 28.
For unit 7, we skipped lesson 29. In lesson 30, we showed how rubber polymers act,
Drawing pictures on a blown-up balloon.
We made our own polymer balls. Our ratios may have off a bit since our balls didn't really form well. Then we left them out too long, and they dried out.
Soprano's on the left... looks like "Castaway"'s Wilson.
We skipped lesson 32 and the experiment in lesson 33, since we had done a balloon rocket last year.
Lesson 34 was a whole bunch of chemical reaction experiments. We showed how molecules react and move,
milk and food coloring reacting with dish soap
showed more moving molecules,
checked out how the powder in disposable diapers works,
I did NOT choose the yellow food coloring. Perhaps green would have been better?
and made our own goop.
Chemistry done! Next up, physics!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Properties of Atoms and Molecules Units 4 and 5

For unit 4, we made a fire extinguisher in a jar, tested the effects of temperature and surface area on reaction rates, observed the effect of catalase (an enzyme),
potato in hydrogen peroxide - making bubbles
observed the effect of heat on an egg cooking,
turned these into egg salad after a little more cooking - yum!
measured heat released by oxidation,
This probably would have worked better with a smaller jar. I used this big one because the only thermometer I had was my candy thermometer. That also made the results less clear. Tip: use a small thermometer and small jar.
In unit 5, we made our own acid/base indicator using cabbage and then tested for acids,
lemon juice, vinegar, clear soda, milk, and saliva
This experiment would have been better if our indicator had been made from purple cabbage instead of red cabbage. We didn't get the right colors when we added the indicator to our items.
We did a displacement reaction (which ate through one of the pennies we used), and tested for bases,
Since we skipped lesson 24, our last experiment for this unit was acid/base titration.
Don't they just look thrilled with this one? :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Properties of Atoms and Molecules Units 2 and 3

Nothing can quite compete with that super fun Diet Coke/Mentos experiment but we kept moving on anyway. For unit 2, we showed how copper conducts electricity, showed how flouride reacts with calcium carbonate.

We skipped the hydrogenation experiment. We examined carbon, but skipped the oxygen in combustion experiment. I didn't want to have to track down dry ice. Our last experiment of unit 2 was observing oxygen in the rusting process. (The demonstration worked fine but the test tubes were not salvageable afterwards.)
For unit 3, we had a few lessons of atomic models. I have seen where you can do it with Legos, but I figured the youngling and padawan would enjoy a marshmallow snack.
Ionic Bonding (lithium and flourine atoms):
Covalent bonding (oxygen and hydrogen atoms):
Metallic Bonding (beryllium atoms):
We did the bonding experiment (no pics) and also grew crystals.
I messed this one up. We were supposed to have two plates, one with table salt crystals and one with Epsom salt crystals. I put both on the same plate. I made up for it with the geode kit I got at Michael's with a 50% coupon. They each opened up one geode.
At the end of unit 3, we skipped the hydrate experiment and skipped lesson 16.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Properties of Atoms and Molecules Unit 1

We finished up Properties of Matter and jumped right into the next book I planned, Properties of Atoms and Molecules. (The third book in the Chemistry & Ecology series, Properties of Ecosystems, is used in My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures. So those topics aren't scheduled in MFW 1850-Modern Times).

For unit 1, we started with a bang. Well, more of a plop and fizz. :) We showed how baking soda reacts with vinegar and then on a much larger scale how Mentos react with Diet Coke.
My biggest tip for the Mentos/Coke project is to not try to fit your paper tube and Mentos inside the house. Just sayin'.
I got 25 2-liters of Diet Coke (on sale for just $1) and Mentos on sale as well. I got some funny looks in the store because of all the soda in my cart.
I cut scrap cardstock into 6" x 3" pieces. Then we wrapped them into cone shapes that were wide enough to hold Mentos and would sit over the open bottle of soda. Scotch tape closed the seam. We taped dental floss onto the end of a toothpick. Then we poked holes through the cones and inserted the toothpick.

The toothpick held up the Mentos until we were ready to pull the string and set off the reaction.
We started with one bottle and 4 Mentos. Then we did one bottle with 5 Mentos. We found the greatest fountain height with 6 Mentos so that became our standard.
Here's our finale:

The rest of the lessons in this unit only had worksheets and on-paper activities.
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