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2017-2018 Homeschool Curricula Choices for 10th Grade

Two posts in one day??? Shocking, I know. :)
I sort of talked about where the blog has disappeared to over in this post about Soprano's curricula.

This post will shift to what Tenor has been using for his sophomore year of homeschool.
{Yeah, sophomore. 10th grade. Two years left. I am not old enough for that to be happening so obviously I'm stuck in some sort of weird, Doctor Who-esque time paradox type thing. ;) }

Whether I'm prepared for it or not, here are Tenor's courses.

Math: Saxon Advanced Math
In this edition of the book, we are able to count it as two credits. The first half of the book is Geometry with Advanced Algebra. The second half of the book is Trigonometry with Pre-Calculus.
Fortunately, Tenor has been rocking this out and has needed practically zero help from me. (Which is great because despite my absolute surety that I'm not *that* old, it has been a seriously long time since I've done Trig or Calculus.)
English/Bible/History/Geography: My Father's World - World History and Literature
We're sticking with MFW. The biblical worldview is integrated extremely well; the literature selections are thought-provoking without being controversial or edgy; the composition instruction is thorough; and the overall package is put together very well.
Plus Tenor got to read Pride and Prejudice this year, which meant I got to watch that yummy 6-hour A&E movie version with him. :)
While I also assigned him a required literature list, MFW gave some great suggestions too. He's been trying to read through as many as possible.
Science: Bass planned an Arduino programming course for Tenor that involves lots of little wire bits floating around the family room. LOL The resources he's using include:
Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis
Introduction to Arduino: A Piece of Cake PDF
Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches by Simon Monk
and SparkFun Inventor’s Kit and Guide v3.3 (

Foreign Language: Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Level 6
Music/Art: Harmony Fine Arts 10th grade plans

Personal Finance: Foundations in Personal Finance by Dave Ramsey
This one, Soprano and Tenor are going through together. It's been helpful to be studying it at the same time. The course says it is for homeschool but there are several 'class' activities that didn't translate well to only two students.
Geography: North Star Geography
Yup, we did this together too, starting last summer to make the schedule not so full in the fall. Soprano kept up very well.
Logic: Art of Argument
This was a much better logic course for Tenor than last year's Fallacy Detective/Thinking Toolbox.
Career Exploration: Understanding God's Calling and Career Exploration from 7 Sisters Homeschooling
Throw in Driver's Ed this spring plus his Taekwondo practices and youth group plus church's been a busy (and very good) year.

Do any of you have a student that has seemingly grown-up overnight? What are you using for high school curricula?

2017-2018 Homeschool Curricula Choices for 8th Grade

You've probably noticed that the blog has been on a pretty big hiatus. I have found the reasons that drove me to start the blog just aren't there anymore in this stage of life. Combine that with the death of Picasa, which has made uploading pics a frustrating run-around, my heart just hasn't been in blogging.

I have so many resources living here that I created or compiled that I most likely won't ever delete the blog, but updates will be very few and very far between. However, I never shared our homeschool curricula choices for this school year and wanted to throw it out there in case it is helpful to other homeschooling families as you start to plan for your next year.

Up first is what we've been using for Soprano's 8th grade year. :)

Math: Saxon Algebra I and the next few volumes of Life of Fred
English: Rod and Staff English 8 - Preparing for Usefulness
This includes grammar, composition, poetry, and speech.
Literature/Music/Art: Beautiful Feet Books - The History of Classical Music
We're using this to cover a total overview of music and art, which lines up with the history overview from Notgrass this year.
I'm adding in this Usborne Famous Artists sticker book and the coordinating Mike Venezia books too.
Science: Focus on Middle School Astronomy for the fall with some extra resources then Focus on Middle School Geology with a few extras (Usborne Rocks and Fossils and their Rocks & Minerals sticker book plus a few rock/mineral sample packs) for the spring.
History: Notgrass - From Adam to Us
I think one or two of the assigned literature titles she has read previously, so we're just skipping those. I also assign a required literature list each year. She will have to choose 25 titles from my list to read too.
 Bible: Bible Road Trip Year 3
Foreign Language: French Essentials

Creative Writing - Learn to Write the Novel Way and Writing from the Heart
Geography - North Star Geography
Personal Finance - Foundations in Personal Finance from Dave Ramsey
At the end of 8th grade, Soprano will actually have earned 3.5 credits for high school. That's a great feeling. She loved North Star Geography and we've liked the finance course and the science programs. Focus on Middle School Science is a new curriculum for us, but it is working. It probably helps that she picked topics that she was interested in, too. :)

If you want to give Focus on Middle School Science a try or check out their elementary curricula, you can use my referral code for a 10% discount! (Disclaimer: I will earn a monetary bonus should you choose to buy. That will go straight towards next year's we thank you!)

What are you using this year? Found anything new that you just love?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Make a Card - Sparkle

My first card for the MFT Card Design Superstar contest was for the Coloring Virtuoso category. This one is for the Clean and Simple category.
It still has a lot of color but I wanted to make the color more of a peek-a-boo element with the white over layer. I used a set of French curves to make the rounded shape for the top layer.
On the underneath layer, I stamped the sequins from Made to Sparkle. I started with the smallest sequin size and stacked them up progressing to the biggest sequin sized stamp. Having clear stamps made stamping the arrangement super easy.
After I stamped the sequins, I colored them using some peacock colors. I added the sentiment to the upper layer and finished it off with Diamond Stickles. Of course! How could you make a sparkle card without Stickles?? :) A few Silver Stickles dots scattered through the sequins because...well, because more sparkle!

Linking up here: MFT Design Superstar Contest

Card Details:
Color - MFT: Black Licorice / Copic: Y04, Y08, YG13, YG17, BG13, BG15, BG18, BG45, BG49
Stamps - MFT: Made to Sparkle

Embellishments - Stickles: Silver, Diamond

Make a Card - I Pick You

As soon as I read MFT's blog post about their Design Superstar contest, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I've found that I'm most on-my-own creative when I have a contest to create for. :)  It really makes my mind work when I have parameters to work this case only using My Favorite Things products for certain categories.
It was hard to narrow down which MFT set I wanted to focus on using. I definitely wanted to try my hand at the Coloring Virtuoso category so I knew a Pure Innocence set would really allow for coloring.
Being a musician,  Heartstrings is a favorite set. Isn't she super sweet?
I usually color light to dark so I started with her skin, then her hair. After that I used two shades of pink for her shirt and cute striped leggings. For her dress, I layered the color on with wide flicks to get a slight ombre look to her skirt. Boots and guitar came last. To try to get a wood grain look on the guitar, I drew thin lines and a few wood knot swirls with darker brown and then blended it in with the lighter brown base color.
Instead of ribbon or a patterned paper strip, I used the flowers from Sweet Sloths. I popped some up on foam squares for dimension. The best part about MFT sets is the sentiments that are included. I used "I pick you", mounted it with pink cardstock, and popped up another flower to embellish it.

Pure Innocence stamps are so fun to color and so were these Sweet Sloths flowers. Love her!

Linking up here: MFT Design Superstar Contest

Card Details:
Cardstock - MFT: Razzle Berry

Color - MFT: Black Licorice / Copic: E000, E00, E23, E31, E33, E99, W5, W6, Y23, RV10, RV11, RV52, RV55
Dies - MFT: Circle Stax

Stamps - MFT: Sweet Sloths; Heartstrings

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Make a Card - Party Pals

Here's another birthday card for Taylored Expressions!
I really reinterpreted the challenge sketch for this one. :) The balloon bunch is kind of functioning as the main image circle, and I shifted the notched banner mat to the bottom of the card...using TE's cute picket fence border die. (Pause for gushing - the fence die cut perfectly and was super easy to weed. Not all the die cuts I own are that simple. You know what I mean. :) )

I tried to make the Party Pals look like they were floating away with all those balloons. Aren't they cute? Happy birthday, TE!

Linking up here: Taylored Expressions

Card Details:
Cardstock - The Paper Studio: White
Patterned Paper - American Crafts: #summer 6x6 / Recollections: Home Basics 6x6

Color - Memento: Tuxedo Black, Dandelion / Palette: Jardin Moss / Copic: YG11, YG13, E41 / Spectrum Noir: TN7, TN8, CT1, CT2, CT4 / SU: Light and Medium Coastal Cabana blendabilities
Dies - TE: Party Pals, Picket Fence Border
Punches - SU: Balloon punch

Embellishments - Nuvo: Ivory Seashell

Make a Card - Taylored Expressions is 9!

I have lots of stamp companies that I turn to time and time again for cute images and fun supplies. Taylored Expressions is definitely one of my favorite favorites! And they are turning 9! Here are a couple cards I made to celebrate with them! (Any excuse for cake really.) :D

For this card, I kept with the birthday theme but flipped the orientation of the sketch to horizontal and used the banner die instead of the 'sprinkles/sequins'. To make the words of Wish Big stand out, I added Nuvo drops to the stamped words to make them look like puffy stickers. (I tilted the card so you can sort of see the dimension it added.)
Happy, happy birthday, TE!

Linking up here: Taylored Expressions

Card Details:
Cardstock - The Paper Studio: White / Recollections: Yellow
Patterned Paper - Pebbles: Yours Truly 6x6 / American Crafts: #summer 6x6

Color - Memento: Tuxedo Black / Copics: YG11, YG13 / Spectrum Noir: CT1, LV1, PL1
Dies - Taylored Expressions: Pennant Border / Nestabilities: Standard Circles
Stamps - TE: Wish Big

Embellishments - Stickles: Grape Crush / Nuvo: Morning Dew

Monday, June 5, 2017

Identity Theft... Stinks (What to Do to Fix It)

Bass and I recently discovered that we were the victims of identity theft. Grr.

I received a letter from a bank saying they were so glad I was now a customer. Hmm...I didn't remember opening any accounts with a bank from three states away, so red flags went up immediately. We called to check into the situation and pretty quickly realized that it was fraudulent. (If you want to count how many times I use the word fraudulent in this post, we're now up to 2.) ;)
We told this bank that it wasn't us opening the account, and they marked it as fraud and said they'd look into it.
As we waited to hear back, we didn't really think too much about it, until another bank called. This is where the whole can o' worms was opened and got dumped on our heads. Bank #2 was going to open an account but said not all of the info was lining up, so they tracked down our phone number to call to confirm.

To sum up: someone/someones had gotten our names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers and had been opening or trying to open accounts online at various banks all across the country. They were using false addresses (except bank #1 since that letter got mailed to our home) and other false info. At some of the banks, they only created online profiles and never actually opened any accounts. A few banks, they actually got checking accounts set up.

When I asked one of the customer service reps to help fill in the blanks, she explained that these folks don't want the checks or the debit cards... what they want are the bank account numbers. They then use those numbers to hack into the system and start shuffling money around to various accounts before finally getting it into "their" account and withdrawing it. I also asked how on earth they got our info since we're pretty picky about privacy, especially our SSNs. She said a company or institution probably got hacked at some point which is how they got our SSNs. These scammers then try to piece together as much info as they can to create a profile that they then start using.

Fortunately (the silver lining and God's hand of protection), they don't have any of our passwords or personal banking info, so we haven't experienced any financial loss at this point. I think we caught it soon enough that, hopefully, our info won't be used to cause anyone else financial harm either. It's just lots and lots of hours of time and lots and lots of paperwork to sort through and resolve it.

I hope and pray none of you ever have to go through this, but I did want to write a post with all the info I have come across to prevent and respond to identity theft in case someone out there needs it and feels as overwhelmed as we did.

(This is just me, friend to friend, sharing with you. This post is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should consult with your own lawyer if you need legal advice or services and follow up with the proper authorities if you suspect you are a victim of identity theft or fraud.)

How to avoid identity theft and fraud in the first place: 
I thought we were good about protecting our identity and never thought we'd be victims in this type of crime. We're internet savvy.... Bass is an IT guy, for Pete's sake. I have tape over my webcam and hate even taping mailing envelopes shut because I'm afraid my fingerprints will transfer. lol (Paranoid much, right??) :) Honestly though, we shred our stuff, we pay cash for most of our expenses, we don't open email links, etc. Here are other things we were doing or could have done (from this site): 
  • Don't leave mail in your mailbox overnight or on weekends
  • Deposit outgoing mail in U.S.P.S. collection boxes
  • Don't leave your purse and/or wallets in unattended vehicles
  • Shred unwanted documents that contain personal information
  • Put your trash out on the day that it is collected
  • Report lost or stolen credit cards to the issuer immediately
  • Destroy expired/old credit cards and drivers licenses
  • Memorize your Social Security number and passwords.
  • Don't list your Social Security number on your checks
  • Check your financial statements for accuracy
  • Match credit card receipts against monthly bills
  • Review your consumer credit report annually
  • ALWAYS safeguard birth certificates, credit history reports, and any statements that contain personal information
Other things you can do to protect yourself -
* Consider subscribing to an online identity protection services (like LifeLock or Experian's option)
* Install firewalls (anti-spyware) and virus-protection software on your computer
* Don't respond to unsolicited requests for personal information
* Watch your wallet and purse when in public
* Don't give out passwords or pin numbers
* Cancel and then destroy unused credit cards
* Only shop on secure websites (https://___)
* Don't use personal info on public computers
* Use complex passwords with a combination of letters (lower & upper case, numbers, and symbols)
* Preemptively put a freeze on your ChexSystems profile and/or credit reports

And the biggest one... don't use your Social Security number unless you absolutely have to (ie employment, taxes, credit). Just write "refused" on the forms. If the company/institution tries to identify you in their system using your SSN, even the last four digits, take your business elsewhere. Legally, they're not allowed to use your full SSN as account/profile identification anyway.

A few other sites I found with helpful info:

So if you find yourself in our boat and you think you are a victim or definitely know you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, #1 I am so sorry. :( #2 Here's what they recommend doing:
It's a toss-up as to what to do first, honestly. It kind of depends on how you first discover the issue. The first 3 things on this list could be done in any order.
How to recover from and resolve identity theft or fraud:
#1 and so, so important...start keeping track of everything you do. Dates of when you discover the fraud, from where, who you call, who you talk to, what steps you're taking. Get as much info from each place as you possibly can. (But be warned that banks probably will tell you zippo even though it's your info on the account. lol) A detailed, itemized, every single thing, with the date type of list. 

* Order your credit report (from Experian (currently under the reports & scores tab), TransUnion (currently under the credit report assistance tab) or Equifax (under the credit report assistance tab). You get one copy free per year from each of them. So you could stagger the orders and get a different one every four months, thereby getting three per year. But we found out that not every institution reports to all three companies so our reports were not consistent between the three reporting agencies. So you might just want to get a copy from each if you discover fraudulent activity.

* Order your consumer score report from ChexSystems (under "reports" choose "request your consumer score"). While the big three above deal with credit items (credit cards, loans, mortgages, etc), ChexSystems is a similar type reporting agency for your consumer items (checking accounts, savings accounts, deposit products). A lot of banks now use this to help prevent fraudulent accounts being opened. A lot, not 'all' as we discovered. :(

* Once you have your reports in-hand, hopefully they're in perfect shape with zero fraud! Hopefully. :) If not, your next step is to file a police report with your local police department. Carefully make note of any information that is incorrect or wasn't initiated by you. (Addresses, employment info, open accounts, closed accounts, inquiries (hard or soft).) If the fraud didn't occur in the state in which you live, the police report is more of a formality for the other reports you will need to file. Their hands are kind of tied if it's an out-of-state crime. Your local police might have a specific form for you to fill out, or you can just type up a timeline of what happened and give it them. Get the police report number, the officer's name, and a copy of the actual report (or a verification of it if they won't give you the actual report.) You'll need multiple copies.

The next big thing to do will be to place fraud alerts and security freezes on your credit and consumer profiles. Make sure you have a copy (either via postal mail or printed from online) of your credit and consumer reports before you place the alerts. (Fraud or security alerts require fraudulent activity to have occurred. A freeze does not necessarily require fraud to have happened for you to use it. Review each site's info to understand the difference. Keep in mind, too, that freezes lock your own self out too. So no applying for that Kohl's card to "save 15% today". You will have the option to unfreeze your credit or consumer profiles at any time, but there is a delay between unfreezing and using.)

* File an identity theft report with the FTC
* Place a security freeze at Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.
* Place an initial 90-day fraud alert at Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.
* Place a security freeze at ChexSystems.
* Place an initial 90-day fraud alert at ChexSystems.

Once you have your initial alerts and freezes placed, be sure to continue to answer phone calls from unknown numbers (it might be a bank confirming the freeze or alert with you) and open and check all of your mail. Even if it looks like junk. :)

The initial alerts and freezes should help stem the tide of fraudulent activity. But you're not done quite yet. After you get the police report and finalize your FTC report, you need to go back to the credit agencies and ChexSystems to dispute any fraudulent items. You want to dispute anything that shouldn't be there, because it can affect your credit score negatively.

* Dispute credit report items at Experian
* Dispute credit report items at TransUnion
* Dispute credit report items at Equifax
* Dispute consumer score items at ChexSystems

Resolved disputes should be acknowledged by mail. (We heard back from Experian within days.)

Then you can get an extended 7-year security alert placed on your profile.
You will need copies of all sorts of stuff (photo ID, utility bill with current address, Social Security card, FTC report, police report, notarized affidavit, etc.) Check each agencies requirements for what to include and mail in.

* Extended alert form for Experian
* Extended alert form for TransUnion
* Extended alert form for Equifax
* Extended alert form for ChexSystems

You'll also want to utilize's plan to help you draft letters and print items to send to any affected banks/institutions/agencies. Other than maybe contacting the SSA if your situation warrants it, I think that's about it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?
I hope that helps someone out there....well, actually I hope this was a big waste of time because no one else ever has to deal with something like this. :D
Be safe, y'all!
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