Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Sewing Projects for Craft Room Decorating

The big craft room reveal post got so long that I absolutely have to break down the decorating projects and organization into separate posts.

Up today are my sewing projects!
First the utility sewing...
We have two gaps in the base cabinetry. One to create a longer cutting counter for the sewing area:
We didn't have another base cabinet to use in this space, which is okay because the doors wouldn't have been able to open anyway with the craft "pantry" sitting perpendicular. The curtain hides the gap and allows me to store my scrapbook travel bag. I used old Ikea flat sheets to create the base curtain and all of the ruffles sewn on top.
The other gap is in the corner at the other end of the wall. On the wall is access to some pipes and the radiator heating so rather than block it off with something solid, I added another ruffled curtain. Tension rods keep them in place.

The rest of the room got fun, bright fabric. I had this rug in my "before" space, and it was relatively new. (It may have been a desperate attempt to make the old space not-so-bad. It didn't work enough. 😜)

So that new rug informed my new space's color palette. I tried to pull out the aqua, pink, and deep rose tones. The Moda collections of Granny Chic and Farm Girl Vintage had the slightly retro vibe I like with the right colors. They let me introduce some yellow and green into the space too.

Here's what I made:
A new ruffled curtain
An ironing board cover (we started with a piece of smooth plywood, added poly batting, and then silver ironing board fabric before covering with the Moda print. On the back, I folded the edges over on some cream denim I had on hand to create a smooth back to the whole board.)

A sewing machine cover (batted and quilted)

A lumbar support envelope pillow cover and a loose seat cushion cover with ties and a ruffle (The cushion cover was a gingham at the store, where I got the Moda fabrics, that matched really well.)
A curtain inside the armoire

Covers for my Cricut and Scan N Cut machines
A new backing fabric on my upcycled window ribbon board (new ribbon and buttons too)
This window was one that we replaced in our last house

My hexie hoop on the gallery wall

and my favorite, a rag wreath with all my scraps plus some ribbon from my stash

Do you have a favorite Moda collection?

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