Friday, May 22, 2020

Papercrafting Organization in the New Craft Room Part 2

The big craft room reveal post got so long that I absolutely have to break down the decorating projects and organization into separate posts.

Here's part 2 of the papercrafting organization aka what's in all of those cupboards.
Let's start this one by finishing off the base cabinets of my long work counter.
From the left:
Cabinet 1 is only one door. It's the perfect place for my manual diecutting supplies. I have some close-ups in this post. (Plates and stamp storage envelopes in the drawer)
(generic-shape dies in the box | scenic, sentiment, non-stamp image dies in the basket | envelope template | embossing folders in another basket | Cuttlebug)
Cabinet 2 is very wide. The drawer holds my stamping cushion and stamping mat paper and my aqua crayons, which like to lay flat.
The shelves below are not the best set-up but I don't have any vertical space to stand my scor-pal, glass work mat, and stamp platform. The bottom shelf holds all of my pocket scrapbook cards and a little photo box of extra pockets and the melding tool. Looking at it right now, I might just swap the two shelves for easier access to the scrapbook cards and see how that works. Hmm... #ideasideas

Cabinet 3 has my Creative Memories templates, ATG, and CM mini trimmer in the drawer. Easy to get to, easy to hide away when not in use.

Underneath I keep some extra storage bins for stamps, card stencils, my laminator (yet to be used #muchshame), card and scrapbook sketch ideas, and my big 'ol trimmer. (Seriously, best trimmer ever! Self-sharpening blade, cuts straight, folds out for 12"+ base.)

And that ends my main work space! At the end of the counter, we stacked matching 42" cabinets, which fit with 1/2" to spare under the beams of ceiling. They are upper cabinets so they aren't as deep, but they're still pretty useful. (Although it took me awhile to find bins that fit how I wanted.)

The first set of "pantry" cabinets holds my completed cards. They are housed by category in white photo boxes.
The cabinet on the bottom has cards that ready to send. OCD as it is, in December I pick all of my cards for the year and very lightly write the name, date, and occasion in the flap area of the envelope. I put them all in order and grab the next month's worth and take them to our household command center and address and stamp them. You'd think I'd never miss one but I'm usually late in sending cards more often than I'd like to admit. lol I also have some random stationery for writing notes, pre-cut A2-size mats, extra envelopes, my small amount of wood-mount stamps, and idea books.

The larger set of pantry cabinets hold my stamps in the top. Unmounted rubber are stored in clear DVD cases while acryclics are stored in clear pockets. I showed that a bit more in this post.
There's still some room in there for more stamps. Right?? 😋

The last bottom cabinet holds my 6x6 paper pads, sorted by category. (Also in hard-to-find baskets) Our family photos (either in-process for scrapbooks or extra prints from our pre-digital years or extra prints that didn't end up in a scrapbook or were given to us) and card kit binders. (I like to make card kits in steps --sketch the idea, cut the cardstock base, find the patterned paper, etc.-- and then take those kits to girls' weekend crafting get-togethers. I get more done there when I can just glue and assemble instead of trying to chat with friends and be creative at the same time.)

And, y'all, that's it! The whole craft room drawer-by-drawer and shelf-by-shelf. There's just a bit of tweaking that might happen...I really want to buy an air plant and once stores open again see if there are any decor switches but otherwise it's done, it's functional, it's purtty, and I can close the door. lol
Now on to the next house project...

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