Monday, May 18, 2020

Sewing and Office Organization in the New Craft Room

The big craft room reveal post got so long that I absolutely have to break down the decorating projects and organization into separate posts.

It's organizing time! Today I thought I could show you my office stuff and sewing area organization.

The office is pretty simple. At my sitting-height counter, Bass made a laptop stand that has space for my DVD player under using leftover mdf from the paper palace.

He also made a tissue/pen/remote holder out of scrap wood. I painted it with some leftover paint from the ombre dresser, which is the same palette of shades for my wall paint.
That parks right between my laptop stand and essential oil diffuser.

The rest of my countertop stays pretty clean, if I can help it. I do use my file cabinet to help with that. The top drawer houses office minutia.

The middle drawer has all of my current Bible study and Bible journaling supplies as well as some reference books for work that I need regularly, but not enough to keep them on the desk.

In the file drawer on the bottom, I have files for work stuff and other random things that I need that aren't related to the household, plus file folders for each year so I can hang on to memorabilia until I'm ready to scrapbook that particular year. Not exciting enough to photograph. 😁

Way on the other end of the room is my sewing area.
I have one base cabinet that helps to make up my cutting/ironing station.

Above I have two open shelves for decor and a basket of fabric scraps and/or mending that needs to be done, depending on current projects.
In the cabinet, I keep larger Sterilite bins of utility fabric, fabric with larger yardage, and a quilt project that's in the works. I also have a stackable container that holds other less-used sewing tools and notions (like elastic, snaps, pinking scissors, sewing feet, etc.)

The drawer holds the all-the-time, most-needed sewing items. Quilting templates, bobbins, pins and needles, thread, good scissors (you know what I'm talkin' about), and sewing machine cord. I don't sew often enough to want the cord just hanging out. If I'm doing a bigger sewing project spanning days, I'll leave it out and the machine plugged in. Otherwise, it's tucked away.
You can see my cutting mat hanging out in this pic. Usually it lives under the ironing board.
Next to the cabinet, hiding behind that cute ruffled curtain, I keep my travel scrapbook bag, a stepstool (because I'm short), and my longer quilting templates (hung on a Command hook).

I also have my yardsticks hanging from a Command hook on the side of the craft "pantry."
Moving along that wall, above my sewing desk, I have an open cabinet where I store my scrap yardage in photo boxes. (And yes, I'm OCD enough that I have a thick piece of cardboard that I use a template to fold the fabric into the same height and width.)

The armoire holds random crafting supplies: my acrylic paints, candle-making, sewing patterns, my beading storage, the bowdabra... lol. If it's not papercrafting or sewing, it's in here. 😁

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