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School Days Summary - Celebrating Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

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 A Summary of September 10-14
It was kind of hard to jump back into a full week of school after our exciting trip last week but we made it. This week added a new twist to our schedule because our co-op started up again. I'm teaching a class this year so I had quite a few hours of lesson planning and prep for my first class. It got a little hectic but it was still a good week school-wise.  Here's what we did:
Things that were scheduled as usual:
Language Arts (Grammar, Spelling, Penmanship, Reading, and Writing)
Soprano has finished the first section of A Reason for Handwriting C and now knows all of her cursive letters.
Tenor finished his first book from Across the Centuries, Jim Thorpe, Olympic Champion. We found the book at our local library, which was a great help, but we could only keep it and renew it so long. I had to double-up his assignments for him to be finished with the book by the time it was due. And of course, we still ended up being one day late. ;) Tenor won't have any reading assigned next week to give him a break from the mad dash at the end to finish up with Jim Thorpe.

Civics: They read about EMTs this week.
Co-op: They each had music and gym. Soprano's elective class this fall is Art and Art History. She studied the painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware and drew a picture showing movement. Tenor picked a science elective that will be focusing on chemistry. One of the co-op dads is teaching it and from what I've heard, does an excellent job. Tenor is so excited to be in this class and can't wait until next week when they start doing experiments.
My Father's World Creation to the Greeks-
Bible: We finished up little mini books about the Tower of Babel. We continued working on memorizing the books of the Old Testament, reading key verses from each book.
We also continued blowing our showfars throughout the week as we celebrated the high holy days leading up to Yom Kippur. On Saturday night, we had our Yom Kippur meal (ravioli for the symbolic keplach). Bass blessed the children, then we ate and read the story of Jonah.
Sunday evening we finished our Yom Kippur celebration with breakfast to break the fast. (Although none of us actually fasted for a full 24 hours.) We enjoyed omelets, apples with honey, fresh grapes, and more honey cake.

Science: We jumped into our study of pyramids. We didn't do any experiments or activities this week, just lots of prep reading.
History: They reviewed how to draw a Bible lands map. We read about the kingdoms of ancient Egypt and how Menes combined the upper and lower kingdoms into one. After making crowns for each of their kingdoms, they reenacted it...
Soprano standing on a crate to show that even though it's in the south, her kingdom was called Upper Egypt. She's holding a construction paper knife.
The kings battling.
The Lower Egypt king was defeated.
King Menes conquers!
Combining the crowns to show the united kingdoms.
They did a notebooking page about King Menes which I found here.
We also read about working in the land around the Nile and their boats and chariots.
Tenor labeled a map about the ancient Egyptian kingdom from MapTrek.

Other MFW: 
Music: They listened to "Spring" by Vivaldi to become more familiar with it.
Art: Learning to draw basic circles and geometric shapes. So far we have loved this art curriculum!
I think that was it. We didn't have much time for any extras this week which was just fine... MFW gives us plenty to do right in the curriculum. We also have a HUGE pile of additional book basket books that the kids have been enjoying.

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