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School Days Summary -- Elijah and Elisha

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Eden Olympics for Science
A Summary of February 25 - March 8
We're back on track and looking forward next week which marks the end of the 3rd quarter. Now the end of the school year is in sight, and I'm wondering how it got here so fast.
Here's what we did:

Things that were scheduled as usual:
Language Arts (Grammar, Spelling, Penmanship, Reading, and Writing)

Civics: Community Helpers Factory Workers 
We're getting to some random occupations that they put in the Community Helpers cards. I couldn't find any extra books on Factory Workers for this week.
Health: a worksheet on 'Choosing Healthy Food'
PA History: We did worksheets on Crops, State Holidays, and the State Nickname.

My Father's World Creation to the Greeks-
We completed weeks 25-26 which focused on the ministries of Elijah and Elisha, mostly in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.
Bible: We finished learning Psalm 1. I wasn't paying as much attention so I didn't memorize the whole passage but the younglings did. We also reviewed the Old Testament books. 
We read through the rest of I Kings discussing how the kingdom of Israel was divided and how most of the kings following Solomon were not godly.Then we read about Elijah's ministry and then the calling of Elisha, who took Elijah's place.
Science: They finished up Day 6 (people and animals) in science these past two weeks.
They did the Eden Olympics, 

the Veins and Valves experiment, Bagel Brain, explored their sense of touch, hearing, smell, and sight. They skipped the tongue mapping (sense of taste) experiment. 
Seeing through Things experiment
Trying to drop pennies in a cup
History: We did a notebooking worksheet about Solomon and one for Elijah. We read about the decline and fall of Israel after the kingdom split into two, and then spent time learning about the caste system of India as well as Hinduism and Buddhism.
We continued reading a chapter a day in the Children's Homer. We are now in the second part which are the stories about Odysseus. I'm still butchering the pronunciations. :)
Elijah and Elisha both made it on to our timelines too.

Other MFW: 
Music: We listened to several music pieces by Handel. The younglings notebooked about 1 song each week using these sheets.
Art: We finally got to the painting lessons in art. The first one was simply creating blended colors. They each blended colors and painted samples on the included paint cards. Then they recreated the Stag Beetle painting (originally done by Albrecht Durer) while creating more blended paint shades.
Tenor's blending and beetle

Soprano's blending and beetle
We also read about Tintoretto and they drew a colored pencil sketch of Christ at the Sea of Galilee.

Elijah the Prophet (part 1, part 2, and part 3)
Lego Elijah
Elisha Man of God
Hinduism and Buddhism

Favorite Books:
Albrecht Durer by Ernest Raboff
Wild Tracks! by Jim Arnosky
Your Insides by Joanna Cole

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