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School Summary - Ascension, Persecution, Dispersion (aka the Early Church)

Home Ec--biscuit pizzas
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A Summary of October 21 - November 1

Sometimes I really have to force myself to write these summaries. It would be one less thing in my life if I skipped them but then I keep thinking back to the past two years and how much I enjoy looking back at what we did for school. I would have forgotten so many things had I not blogged about them. And these summary posts certainly make compiling my end-of-year portfolios easier. So I'll shall persevere. Much like our school year which is getting slightly more on track.
Here's what we did these two weeks:

Things that were scheduled:
I'm glad that I can understand all of Soprano's math at this point. I'm more glad that Tenor is gifted in understanding math...every day I correct his lesson and hand his notebook back to him to fix any errors. Most of the time, he's able to figure out what he did wrong, correct it, and turn it back in. There are times though when he can't figure it out and I have to try to explain it to him. I can usually use the teacher manual (which has the answer and sometimes the work to find the answer) to explain it but when it doesn't... eek! I'm glad he usually just 'gets' it because my explanations tend to go like this, (holding up hands or drawing diagrams) "So if you have a 1 foot by 1 foot square, what's the area in inches?" blank look from Tenor, me getting louder "So if you have a 1 foot by 1 foot square... do you get it?" nope, nothing; me getting louder "So if you have a 1 FOOT by 1 FOOT square..." Volume unfortunately does not equal explanation. :) Usually we can figure it out together. The two or three times we just didn't get it, Bass came to the rescue.
Language Arts (Grammar, Spelling, Penmanship, Reading, and Writing)
Soprano has been reading through Helen Keller and finished up the book by making a couple of mini books. One about Helen's life events and one about being a good friend to someone who is deaf or blind.
Tenor's writing assignment from... well, the not easy writing assignment has been completed! We struggled through and finished it! Tenor's final score was a 91%, and we were both very proud of his accomplishment.
Typing, Spanish, Geography, and PA History for both.
Tenor had Greek and learned two more Greek letters. Soprano had Home Ec where she learned to bake (a coffee cake) and use the oven (biscuit pizzas.)
My Father's World Rome to the Reformation-
Moving on with our studies of Ancient Rome, we talked and read a lot about the early church and how Christianity spread throughout the Roman empire.
Bible: We read quite a bit in Acts, which was interesting to me. I didn't realize how little time I had spent in that book. We read about Paul and his 3 missionary journeys in Acts as well as in Journey Through the Bible.

Science: These two weeks we did several lessons from the AIG Human Body book. We continued learning about the 5 senses by talking about taste and smell. Bass did an experiment with them using a potato, apple, and carrot. They tasted a bite of each while holding their nose closed and then without to see how our sense of smell affects our sense of taste. They also had tastes of sweet, bitter, salty, and sour foods to map their tongues taste buds.
We also had a quiz, a lesson on our digestive system, and a lesson on teeth.
We were supposed to make a mold of our teeth with clay and then use plaster of paris to get a 3D look at teeth... instead the younglings used Model Magic to make tooth models.
Tenor's on the left, Soprano's on the right; Showing the enamel, dentin, and pulp.
History: We are making our way through Ancient Rome but the history we studied these past two weeks focused on the early church and the spread of Christianity. We did read a bit about Caligula.

I'm also incorporating Story of the World Volume 1 as well as Mystery of History Volume 1 and 2. 
For week 11, I added Mystery of History 2 Lesson 3 (about Paul's 2nd missionary journey) on Day 2. On Day 3, we finished the MOH2 Lesson 3 portion about Paul's 3rd missionary journey.
Other MFW: 
Music: We listened to the Story of Mozart, and finally began incorporating extra listening during our lunch time. I created a Haydn playlist using the CD from the RTR set as well as any other Haydn pieces we had in our collection. We've done pretty well listening about 4 days a week. Yea, me!
As we listen to Mozart pieces, I'll add those to our lunch time list as well.

Art: Art is going so well this year. Last year, for whatever reason, it felt like a chore to fit it in. This year it just seems to happen. Tenor is showing some talent for drawing too which kind of surprises me. They had a lesson on drawing the human figure, one on drawing a human skeleton, and a study of The Portrait of Caligula. I made them write a paragraph about their observations about it.

The Bible Story of Paul (Saul) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
Storykeepers: Captured!
Storykeepers: Roar in the Night
Storykeepers: Ready, Aim, Fire!
Storykeepers: Trapped!
Favorite Books: 
Follow Your Nose by Vicki Cobb
Your Tongue Can Tell by Vicki Cobb
Good Enough to Eat by Lizzy Rockwell
What Happens to a Hamburger by Paul Showers
The Very First Christians by Paul Maier
Mozart the Wonder Boy by Opal Wheeler
Mozart Tonight by Julie Downing
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Mike Venezia

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