Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Means Change

I made some changes in the living room. There wasn't anything wrong with the art that we had but the mirror was feeling very heavy and dark over the fireplace, and the art I had on the opposite wall above the piano never really coordinated.
2012's fall mantel
The previous piano arrangement

So the art went into storage, the mirror shifted to above the piano, and we found a cheap window frame at our local Habitat ReStore (on sale, too!)

Bass did some heavy lifting and moving and hung the mirror above the piano. The window frame needs special hardware so for now it's just propped against the wall. After some putty and paint, here's how it looks for fall.

This little pumpkin got a coat of a very light yellow-green spray paint because bright orange plastic just wasn't working.
By the front door
The side table
The dining room buffet
I saw this pretty porch on Pinterest and loved her idea to use hydrangeas with the pumpkins. I have a whole row of Limelight Hydrangeas in the backyard so for a few dollars for our pumpkins and a few minutes with the garden clippers, I have my own version. The hydrangeas are slowly drying to a pretty brown color.

Happy Fall!


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