Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Machines and Motion Units 1 and 2

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Our last book! For the second half of our physics study, we used AIG's Machines and Motions. For unit 1, we learned about mechanical forces by
playing with potential energy,

watching energy transformations,
observing momentum,

making a Newton's Cradle,
This did not work well and was not easy to put together. I would recommend finding one at a science museum to observe or buying one at a gift shop if you're able.
testing forces, measuring friction,
and performing work.
In unit 2, we started exploring simple machines by using a wedge, making a screw,

comparing screws,
experimenting with levers,

examining wheels, comparing rolling and sliding friction,
and experimenting with pulleys.
We skipped the machine research in lesson 9 as well as the experiments in lesson 15.

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