Monday, April 16, 2018

2017-2018 Homeschool Curricula Choices for 8th Grade

You've probably noticed that the blog has been on a pretty big hiatus. I have found the reasons that drove me to start the blog just aren't there anymore in this stage of life. Combine that with the death of Picasa, which has made uploading pics a frustrating run-around, my heart just hasn't been in blogging.

I have so many resources living here that I created or compiled that I most likely won't ever delete the blog, but updates will be very few and very far between. However, I never shared our homeschool curricula choices for this school year and wanted to throw it out there in case it is helpful to other homeschooling families as you start to plan for your next year.

Up first is what we've been using for Soprano's 8th grade year. :)

Math: Saxon Algebra I and the next few volumes of Life of Fred
English: Rod and Staff English 8 - Preparing for Usefulness
This includes grammar, composition, poetry, and speech.
Literature/Music/Art: Beautiful Feet Books - The History of Classical Music
We're using this to cover a total overview of music and art, which lines up with the history overview from Notgrass this year.
I'm adding in this Usborne Famous Artists sticker book and the coordinating Mike Venezia books too.
Science: Focus on Middle School Astronomy for the fall with some extra resources then Focus on Middle School Geology with a few extras (Usborne Rocks and Fossils and their Rocks & Minerals sticker book plus a few rock/mineral sample packs) for the spring.
History: Notgrass - From Adam to Us
I think one or two of the assigned literature titles she has read previously, so we're just skipping those. I also assign a required literature list each year. She will have to choose 25 titles from my list to read too.
 Bible: Bible Road Trip Year 3
Foreign Language: French Essentials

Creative Writing - Learn to Write the Novel Way and Writing from the Heart
Geography - North Star Geography
Personal Finance - Foundations in Personal Finance from Dave Ramsey
At the end of 8th grade, Soprano will actually have earned 3.5 credits for high school. That's a great feeling. She loved North Star Geography and we've liked the finance course and the science programs. Focus on Middle School Science is a new curriculum for us, but it is working. It probably helps that she picked topics that she was interested in, too. :)

If you want to give Focus on Middle School Science a try or check out their elementary curricula, you can use my referral code for a 10% discount! (Disclaimer: I will earn a monetary bonus should you choose to buy. That will go straight towards next year's we thank you!)

What are you using this year? Found anything new that you just love?

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