Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Old House

The day has finally come that we're leaving our little home and moving to a new one. It's a somewhat bittersweet experience. We're excited for a new place (with more space, a bigger yard, and an extra 1/2 bath) and yet leaving this home is hard because of all the memories we made here.

We bought this house 1 1/2 months before we got married. After my dad helped Bass fix the tub and shower, he moved in until our wedding. After we got back from our honeymoon, I moved in (and brought the furniture!) :)
This is the house where Tenor and Soprano came home to as newborns, where they learned to crawl, walk, talk, read, and ride their bikes. It's the house where they each accepted the Lord. It's where we've prayed, memorized Scripture, had pizza party movie nights, played games, made messes with Play-doh and paint, and spent hours having fun or driving each other crazy. We've worked on this house from day 1 and put blood (don't worry--Bass got a tetanus booster after the sidewalk incident), sweat, and tears into making it not just a great house but our home.

After 10 years, we had finally gotten most of the house decorated and set-up the way we like it so I will miss:
*the gorgeous deep red color of our dining room (Behr Cinnamon Cherry---yummy!)
*central air
*my newish stove (my Christmas present in 2009)
*our redone kitchen
*the family room
*the pantry space
*that I know exactly where all our Christmas decorations go
*the hardwood floors upstairs
*central air
*my dishwasher (*sniff, sniff*) :'(
*the tilt-in windows
*the hydrangea bushes
*all my daffodils
*the big covered patio
*central air (Nope, not a fan of summer humidity. Sorry!)

With all of the memories and improvements we've made, it's hard to imagine leaving but we're ready and excited to make our new house another home filled with wonderful memories.
And there's quite a few things that I won't miss like:
*the bathroom vanity door that we could never get to close properly after I broke it when I fainted during a terrible bout with the flu
*only having on-street parking
*being attached to our neighbor
*the itty-bitty backyard
*only having 1 bathroom
*the 1 kitchen cabinet that doesn't match the rest because we got it as a great deal from the Re-Store and it was 'close enough'
*lugging laundry up or down 2 flights of stairs
*lugging the heavy vacuum up or down 2 flights of stairs
*only having 1 bathroom
*the spot on the bathroom sink that I just can't get clean
*the allergy-inducing, mega-leaf and twig dropping, sycamore tree
*the green monster (aka the living room carpet)
*only having 1 bathroom
*the 4 drafty windows that we hadn't gotten around to replacing
*only having 1 bathroom :)

We've got quite the to-do list for the new house! I'm looking forward to:
*redoing the bathrooms
*using the fireplaces
*painting with some new colors and trying new decorating ideas with our current stuff
*organizing the garage
*doing some landscaping

It's going to be fun (or at least an adventure!)

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  1. Wow! What an adventure! I can relate...we've recently started to think about moving. I'm happy for you and I hope you have many fun adventures in your new home! Blessings!


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