Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 12 Pains of Renovation

With the moving and renovation process, the aches and pains have been numerous. So in honor of the season, here's my parody of that popular holiday favorite!

On the 12th day of home renovation, my new house gave to me:
12 random bruises
11 aching joints
10 ouchy hangnails
9 broken fingernails
8 sore toes
7 split fingers
6 displaced vertebrae
5 knotted back muscles
4 migraine headaches
3 throbbing limbs
2 wrists with carpal tunnel and
1 shoulder with bursitis!

Fortunately, the hard stuff seems to be getting finished (although the to-do list is still long), and a friend lent me an assortment of wrist braces. Christmas is coming so we'll take a short break. Pass the Advil and eggnog!

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