Monday, January 17, 2011

Day #3 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Messy Tupperware Cabinets)

So I'm totally late to the Getting Organized Challenge hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons. We got moved in over Thanksgiving weekend but the house was so yucky that we didn't even live in the main level for several weeks while we were cleaning, painting, and renovating. Now that the project list is getting shorter, I'm ready to jump in to organizing our new space.

The great part about organizing in a new home is that it's... new. Things that didn't fit or ended up in less-than-ideal places in the last house have the potential to be more organized in this one. Moving out of a 3-level home into a ranch also has great possibilities for keeping things organized.
A possible downside is that I did have 'homes' for all our stuff in the last house so it takes a bit longer to rethink where things go in this one, and some of our containers don't fit the same way. But that just creates an opportunity for shopping... ahem... I mean creatively using what I already have on hand.

So on to the Day 3 of the challenge... the Messy Tupperware Cabinets. I don't really have a 'before' picture so just imagine an empty cabinet.
The kitchen got a major scrub down and then new paper in the drawers and on the shelves.
Here are the 'afters':

I got this white bin ages ago at Walmart. It fits perfectly in this low, deep cabinet and holds my Tupperware Flat-Out containers and other containers nested in each other.

To the side are some smaller pieces and less often used, larger ones are in the back. (Oops... I see a major wrinkle in my contact paper!)
In one of the drawers above the cabinet, I keep all of my non-Flat Out lids. Sorted by size.

There you have it... my not-messy-stuck-in-boxes Tupperware cabinet and drawer.

See more great organizing ideas or join the challenge yourself!

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