Monday, January 17, 2011

Day #4 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Linen Closet)

Now I'm up to Day 4 of the Getting Organized Challenge hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons. I'm late joining up which you can read more about here.

Day 4 is all about getting the Linen Closet organized. Well.... in the course of bathroom renovations, we ripped out the linen closet. We kind of ripped out, um, everything. Generally, the bathroom looked like this:

So after a lot of work, we now have a ceiling, walls, tub, vanity, lights, and a tiny little space for a closet. Except that the light switches would interfere with a full, built-in closet.
Ikea to the rescue! We purchased the Pax wardrobe and got it installed this past weekend. We also scored an additional shelf in their 'as is' room. It was only $0.49!!!

The 'after' looks something like this:

The door is currently off for painting which is why we have that gorgeous sheet hanging and hinge parts on the vanity. :)

I wiped it down and put in shelf paper. So the top half of the new "closet" looks like this:

The bottom half:

*The top shelf holds extra bath towels.
*Shelf #2 holds 6 drawers, which pull out for easy access. In those drawers, we keep (1) extra shaving supplies and deodorant; (2) toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash; (3) extra make-up, lotion, and travel size items; (4) first aid supplies; (5) pain meds; and (6) cold meds. All labeled with my handy-dandy Dymo.

*The next shelf has a clear bin with washcloths and houses our hand towels. (No bins on this shelf because of the door hinges.)

*The shelf under the hand towels has 2 more drawer bins. One has nail polish, polish remover, and nail tools. The other has medicine for the kids. Complete with boring but useful Dymo labels.
*The next shelf (our as-is bargain!) holds bath rugs and throw rugs that I use in the kitchen and laundry rooms.
*The very bottom holds another white bin from Walmart with all of our larger, extra items like shampoos, body wash, shave gel as well as sunscreen and bug spray. I think I need to make a super cute tag for this basket at some point!

It's not huge but we fit a whole lot in that cabinet. Things that didn't fit are sheet sets (stored in each bedroom's closet) and beach towels (now housed in the laundry room.) I have one other storage tub with extra linens that we don't use on a regular basis in our basement storage closet. Lovin' the new storage!!

See more great organizing ideas or join the challenge yourself!

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