Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cleaning Day


I'm so excited! My first Shaklee order arrived today!
I've been looking into making our home more 'green' by trying to reduce our waste, shopping less and smarter, and choosing all-natural when possible. I know that cleaning products are probably one of the biggest culprits in bringing chemicals and nasty stuff into our house so they have to be the first to go!
At our new house, we had a lot of cleaning to do and the only way to get through the grime was to use TSP, bleach, and bottles and bottles of Lysol. I've always been a big fan of Lysol---it works, it's relatively cheap with a coupon, and they have a new citrus orange scent that's nice. But with all the cleaning we had to do, I started to wheeze. I couldn't breathe well and had some rip-roarin' headaches.
Now that the house has been deep-cleaned, I figured that using those cleaners less often wouldn't bother me so much. But even on my regular cleaning chores, the smells were killing me! (Probably literally but I don't want to dwell on that too much. LOL) Not to mention, my kids! Who knows what long-term effects these chemicals have? (I, however, won't be giving up my hair products---I don't care what they put in it! A girl has to have her all-natural limits, ya' know?)

For cleaning though, a change was definitely in order! A few blogs that I follow, for their great organizing and decorating tips, promote healthy living through Shaklee products. I looked into it and was ho-hum about going that route because of the availability of other natural products in local stores and the $19.95 Shaklee membership fee. Unfortunately, some of the green products in the store can be pretty pricey which is hard to swallow since I'm used to my cheap Lysol. I've even considered making my own cleaners with vinegar and baking soda. But the smell of vinegar----ick! I know you can water it down or doctor it up but it's almost as bad as wheezing with bleach. Well.... with Shaklee's fabulous Earth Day deals, this seemed like the right time to go green with cleaning.

Here's a little promo:
Through Saturday, April 30, buy a bottle of Get Clean Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (16 fl. oz.) and 3 spray bottles, get a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for FREE! (This is the Get Clean Green Bundle which I ordered.) Doesn't it just look happy??

There's a great cost comparison on the Shaklee website for Basic H. Check it out here. I think it totally beats out the cost, hassle, and stink of making my own with vinegar.

The other reason to order now.... is that they are offering free lifetime membership with a $30 order (until May 20th)! Wow! After my Get Clean bundle, I added Scour Off (look out oven!), a dropper bottle, Basic G spray bottle (Basic G to follow in another order), and microfiber window cleaning cloth. All that bumped me up over the $30. And the gal I ordered through was offering free shipping ('til May 20th too). I've seen other folks 'before and afters' using these products. With such cute bottles and super powerful, yet totally safe cleaner, how could I resist?

The only thing they don't sell is 'extra motivation' to actually clean. (I'd buy that at full price!) At least when I finally get around to it, it won't be killing me!

Disclaimer: I don't sell Shaklee but really appreciate the demo I ordered through. She was super helpful with all my questions. If you want a link to her shop, shoot me an email.

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