Monday, April 11, 2011

Crazy, crazy, crazy week

Sometimes things just all happen at the same time, ya know? My week is going to be totally crazy. I already know it just by how much is scribbled on the calendar. I'm totally afraid I'm going to forget to be somewhere or forget to do something important. I guess this is where my OCD list making will come in handy! Hopefully I'll remember everything if I write it down. Backing up to last Wednesday, here's what's going on:
4/6 - worship team rehearsal
4/7 - work from 3:30-8
4/8 - pick up school auction donations for gift baskets; take monetary donations and go shopping for containers/baskets and additional items; have a playdate for Tenor
4/9 - work from 7-3; Bass helps a friend cut down a tree and works on the yard; kids go to a friends house for the day; worship team rehearsal
4/10 - church; choir rehearsal; work 3-8; grocery shopping
4/11 - send birthday cards to brother-in-law and nephew; make birthday cake; figure out something for dinner; place yard sale ad in newspaper; laundry; run to Lowe's to look at the azaleas on sale (last day of sale is today); pick up last minute auction donations at school; put 6 baskets together; supervise homework; Bass goes to friend's house to pick up wood for fireplace and to borrow rototiller; worship team rehearsal
4/12 - Bass's birthday! get card and present ready; do school chapel with worship team; put together remaining 7 auction baskets; supervise homework; make dinner; help Bass pack for Orlando
4/13 - Bass leaves for business trip; make lunches and get kids to school; finish any remaining basket stuff for the auction; supervise homework; worship team rehearsal
4/14 - get kids to school; prep for yard sale (pricing and last minute additions); supervise homework; rehearse choir music with friend
4/15 - get kids to school (Tenor has field trip); drive to Delaware to judge ACSI handbell competition; get back in time to pick kids up; finish yard sale pricing and making larger signs; take kids to school auction for dinner and to see basket auction; Bass returns from Orlando
4/16 - yard sale day! get kids to egg hunt at church; sell EVERYTHING in the yard sale pile (LOL); clean up
4/17 - worship team rehearsal; church; choir rehearsal;
4/18 - COLLAPSE!

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