Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall.... Finally

I had 2 easy, quick projects to do to complete my fall decor this year. I finished one back in the middle of September but the other just drug on and on. Now that I've finally finished them both, I'm done decorating for fall. Perfect timing, too, since they're calling for 3-5" of snow this weekend. (which is NOT normal for southeast PA!)

Here are our fall updates:
Fall 5-minute pillow covers (made the same way as these)
The striped pillows are also 5-minute pillow covers. The center embroidered pillow is actually a placemat ($2.50 on sale at Kohl's) that I opened up, stuffed, and sewed closed.

Viney pumpkins that I've had in my stash forever are on the bay window sill. (Check out the new windows too!!)
Candle holders (uber cheap) from Christmas Tree Shops

And then the projects.... I wanted to alter a fake pumpkin that I've had in my to-do pile for the past 4 years. Years ago, I had seen a really cute project where they mod-podged squares of coordinating fall scrapbook paper onto a pumpkin and then lightly distressed it. I had never been able to find the right paper so the sad little pumpkin just sat and sat. I decided to just go for it this year but didn't want to go with the traditional orange since our living room has more of a beach cottage color scheme. I ended up using left over sheet music from the wreath project. After I covered the pumpkin with sheet music, I painted over the whole thing with blue.
Epic fail! (What is up with me and sheet music anyways!)
The paint was too dark and not the right shade of blue for the living room. So I re-covered the pumpkin again. This time I left some of the blue peeking through and then washed over it with a light apple green color. Much better! It coordinates better with the little pumpkins I got at Christmas Tree Shops.
Project #1 complete.
Then I decided I needed a fall-ish banner for the mantel. After scads of pinterest and blog searching, I opted for something with burlap. And then life happened, and the project didn't. After a month of interruptions, I finally finished it yesterday!
Here are the basic steps:
#1 I cut my burlap into rectangles and sewed a 1" pocket (like a curtain rod pocket)
#2 I zig-zagged around the edges at .5" to help stop fraying
#3 I cut 4 1/2" letters out of scrap cardstock with my Cricut (using Stone Script font)

#4 I used dark brown, acrylic craft paint and a foam brush to stencil the letters. (I used an up and down pouncing motion, being careful to press the stencil edges down as I went along to help prevent bleeding.)

#5 I let it dry.
#6 I picked it up and realized that I should have had something underneath while painting. (Slapping forehead!)

#7 I threaded brown ric-rac trim through the pocket and tied a loop at each end to hang it.
#8 Enjoying the finished product.
I did a little tablescape in the dining room to add some fall touches there too.

And our newest addition.....a bird feeder right outside the dining room window. The kids have been keeping a count of the types of birds that have already stopped by for a treat. We've seen robins, blue jays, chickadees, and cardinals.
Finally, the house is dressed for fall!

and here:


  1. I really like your blessings banner. That's a message we could use daily.

  2. love the cloche! you gave me some great ideas!

  3. I absolutely love the Blessings banner...and I have plenty of burlap left over from a recent wreath project. I think {when time allows} that I will be making something similar...but in 'Give Thanks'. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Love that Bunting! I am very into Burlap lately and this looks great!
    Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...


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