Friday, May 25, 2012

Frugal Tip Friday - Kitchen Week 10

Saving in the kitchen...
  • Buy basics in bulk (ex paper towels, garbage bags, even sugar!)
  • Grocery shop without the kids.
  • Don’t shop when you are hungry!
  • Stick to your shopping list.
  • Rinse the bag from a cereal box and use as wax paper. Also can be used to wrap meat in-wrap in bag, then in foil for the freezer.)
  • I love the convenience of single serving products but hate the expense.  Split large jars of applesauce, big containers of yogurt and cottage cheese into smaller portions using 4 oz. baby food jars or use Ziploc's snack containers available in a 4 oz. size and create your own snack cups.
Happy Saving!

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