Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekly School Summary - Last Week of School! (May 21-25)

I respectfully ask that you not pin pictures of my children to Pinterest. Thank you!

 School's Out for Summer! We finished our very last week of school! We got our evaluation done so all that's officially left is to take our portfolio to the school district. Then we'll be ready to prep for next year. (But I'm not ready to think about next year quite yet!)
Here's what we did during our last week:

Math: Back to our regular schedule. Tenor had 4 days of math lessons to finish up Saxon 54. Soprano had 2 lessons to complete Saxon Math 2.

Reading and Language Arts: Soprano had a final evaluation for "The Little House in the Big Woods" from 'Across the Centuries'.
She's finished her third Phonics book with several reviews. She also completed her English. She only had a final test to wind up Spelling by Sound and Structure 2, and a few pages of handwriting to finish that book as well.
Tenor finished his 'A Reason for Handwriting C'. He also completed his writing workbook.
He finished 'The Family Under the Bridge' from 'Across the Centuries C Level 2' with a worksheet, some discussion questions, and a story sequencing activity. English and Spelling (Rod and Staff Level 4) both finished up this week too. 

Typer Island for their typing instruction and completing their SOS Elementary Spanish.
Tenor finished all of Spanish while J did a half year of lessons.

Phys Ed.: Just Tae Kwan Do and outdoor time.

With all those 'finished', 'completed', and 'winding up's, the kids both did all their scheduled work for the school year! Huzzah! I found some promotion certificates online which I printed for each of them.
I was able to take time over the holiday weekend (since M's mom was visiting with us) to finish compiling their portfolios in preparation for our evaluation. PA state law requires that we meet with a qualified (as outlined by the PA state law) evaluator at the end of the year. We met with the aunt of a friend who was super nice and did a good job going over our year's work.
Other things we need to do at the end of the year to fulfill the law:
Submit a portfolio of samples of the child's work
Submit a log of work done
Submit a log of books/media used
and Submit any standardized testing scores (if required for the child's grade level)
We also needed to show our evaluator proof of our attendance but that's not required in the portfolio that gets turned in to the school district.
Thanks Granny for keeping the kids occupied!
 So now, the bulletin boards are cleaned off....
the work log clipboards are empty...
the file sorter got cleaned out and filed....

and we had a party! After pizza and a movie, I gave the kids little end-of-the-year gifts.
A new pack of Craz-Erasers

A lego set
and a new Dollie and Me outfit for Soprano and her 18" doll

Now, I think we're all excited for a break!
Somehow it doesn't feel quite right that a year's worth of work can be summed up into 2 binders each. But it is nice to have completed so much wonderful work this year! I'm so proud of my younglings.

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