Thursday, August 29, 2013

School Summary - Getting Started... Again

I respectfully ask that you not pin pictures of my children to Pinterest. Thank you!

1st Day of School
Tenor---6th grade
Soprano---4th grade
A Summary of August 5-9
I feel like summer just went by in a super fast blur. Between finishing up school and submitting our portfolios, vacationing at the beach, coming back with the world's worst sunburn, day camp, Vacation Bible School, prepping for the new school year, and a ton of other fun summer activities, the days flew by!
My original plan was to start on August 12 but then I thought that maybe it would be good to take the 1st week of schoolwork and divide it in half doing some this week and then some next to ease back into the routine of school. The idea was good but it may have been too early to start. I'm not sure any of us were quite ready.

Our 1st day started with an annual back-to-school tradition of fun new school supplies.
Horses and Littlest Pet Shop for Soprano
Star Wars Angry Birds for Tenor

Here's what we did our first week:

Things that were scheduled:
Tenor jumped in to Saxon 7/6 at the 3rd test since he finished through lesson 20 last year. Soprano got started with Saxon 5/4. The best part of this year so far is that her math is now independent unless she needs help with any particular problems or lessons. Such a break for me! I don't think she's missing the daily meeting either.
Language Arts (Grammar, Spelling, Penmanship, Reading, and Writing)
Tenor will start writing when we begin our My Father's World studies since we're using IEW's Ancient History and Medieval History this year. I created lesson plans to align the IEW with the topics we'll be studying in MFW.
They started all of their other L/A work though. Similar to last year so there aren't any big changes to work through this year.

The only elective they did this week was typing which will be once a week for each of them. I'm saving all other electives for next week.
My Father's World Rome to the Reformation-
To split our work in half, I'm also waiting to start MFW until next week.
So there are no extras this week.
And that was it. It was good to only have 1/2 days. But it was hard to swallow that feeling of dread when it came to grading yet another math lesson. I'm hoping we'll get into the swing of things quickly.

We did enjoy another 1st Day of School tradition... ice cream after dinner!

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