Thursday, August 29, 2013

VBS 2013 - Kingdom Rock

I respectfully ask that you not pin pictures of my children to Pinterest. Thank you!

Our church's VBS was all about knights, ladies, castles, and standing strong for God! It was such a fun theme to decorate and participate in! Even cooler, it's the perfect lead in for our homeschool curriculum this year when we go through the Middle Ages. It took a couple months to prep all the decor but we had a great set-up team and things came together very well.
We had a record number of kids this year but the leaders made it through the week and we had enough supplies. :) Here are a ton of pics of our set-up:
The royal throne
 The throne room (where we met for our opening and closing sessions as well as the elementary crew Bible lessons.)
 The portcullis entry into the throne room
 The preschool classroom
 the long castle gallery
Our resident knight I painted using my 'paint by numbers' projector method
and fair maiden
and the jester
 Chadder's theater
 The King's Kitchen
My young squire and maiden helping me to lead the singing
I made my costumes this year. The green corset only took 5 tries to get it right. Ugh! The red dress took a few attempts to get the zipper right too. They turned out okay in the end. However, I'm hoping next year's theme will allow me to just buy an outfit. :)
Craft time
Sir Wally was part of the cast each knight. The kids absolutely loved him!
 Entering the castle over the drawbridge
and the craft tent
It was a great week but totally exhausting. Which is why it's taken me two months to get around to even post pics. We've already been talking about next year... I just might need another month or two to recover!

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