Tuesday, May 12, 2015

School Summary - State reports and getting done

All those books are completed - wow!
A Summary of April 27 - May 8
The younglings are working hard (I think!?) to try to finish a week earlier than planned. I'm going away for a week so Bass will be taking over. The younglings thought that finishing up early would allow for a more fun week with Dad. I'd love to get it all done and wrapped up before I go away too. What they don't know is that if they finish early, they'll be starting our summer science with Dad while I'm away. But they're both looking forward to the science subjects we'll be studying (chemistry and physics) and school is just more fun with a substitute teacher anyway. :)
Here's what we did:

Things that were scheduled:
Language Arts (Grammar and Writing; Reading and Spelling for Soprano)
Soprano finished her spelling! Tenor had already finished his reading while Soprano has about 8 more lessons to go.

Typing, Greek (Tenor), Spanish (Tenor)

My Father's World Exploration to 1850
These last four weeks of MFW will focus on Bible, our hymn study, and doing state reports. The curriculum has nature study scheduled but the younglings just haven't gotten into that. We'll be skipping it and focusing on the state reports as we finish up the rest.

Bible: This year we're doing an in-depth study of the book of James and attempting to memorize the entire book. We've now learned all of chapters 1-5. We're still working on those last 8 verses of chapter 5 but I had them learn it early so we could spend the next few weeks reviewing.
State Reports: 
I debated whether or not to do the report or just do lapbooks. Lapbooks would be much easier... just read, fill out, cut and paste, but I wanted them to have a little practice on doing research from multiple sources and then compiling the info. Soprano decided to use the sheets from "Writing a State Report." Tenor wanted to use those sheets to take notes and is writing his own paragraphs from those notes I think after another week they'll have them finished up.
Other MFW: 
Music: We're listening to composers from this year at lunch for review. We had a week of Mendelssohn and then a week of Schubert. For our hymn study, we learned "In the Cross of Christ I Glory".
Art: is done!
You can see them all in my Youtube playlist for weeks 15-34.
Although there aren't any science or history videos, there are videos of the hymns.

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