Thursday, May 28, 2015

School Summary - We are finished!

A Summary of May 11-15
We DID finish a week earlier than I planned. Yay for the younglings! I'm sure I say this every year but I can hardly believe we've been doing this homeschool thing as long as we have. I said I would never, ever, ever, ever homeschool, and here we are finishing our 4th year. Wow!
Here's what we did in our last week of the year:

Things that were scheduled:
Tenor is up to lesson 53 in Saxon Algebra I. He'll pick up there next year. Soprano finished Saxon 6/5 and through Life of Fred Cats chapter 9. She'll pick up with LOF at the beginning of next year.
Language Arts (Grammar and Writing; Reading and Spelling for Soprano)
Soprano finished her last reading book, Caddie Woodlawn as well as her Rod and Staff English 5. Tenor completed Rod and Staff English 7. We also finished the last of the lessons in IEW's U.S. History Based Writing Lessons, Volume 1. I've got different plans for next year's writing... the younglings are excited!

Typing, Greek (Tenor), Spanish (Tenor)
Their typing has actually improved this year. I was pleasantly surprised when I printed the end-of-year results from the typing program. I think we'll do one more year of it (bumping up the words-per-minute goal) and then be done. Or maybe I'll have them work on it this summer... hmmm. That's an idea. :)

My Father's World Exploration to 1850
Just a little bit of finishing up.

Bible: The memory work is done so we just reviewed. I also completed a project I've been wanting to do for-EV-ah. I printed all of our previous memory verses (from ECC, CTG, RTR, and this year) on cardstock. I cut them into 3x5 cards and added them to the notecard box each youngling has on their desk. I'm hoping to relearn and review those verses next year when we do 1850-Modern Times.
State Reports: 
Other MFW: 
Music: We're listening to composers from this year at lunch for review. We listened to Chopin this week. For our hymn study, we learned our last one for the year, "O Worship the King".
You can see them all in my Youtube playlist for weeks 15-34.
Although there aren't any science or history videos, there are videos of the hymns.
And that's it for the year! 
We didn't really have a celebration because I went away for the week following but they each got a little gift. Portfolios are completed; our evaluation is scheduled; finished curriculum has already been sold; books were cleaned out; and next year's paperwork (for the state) is ready to go. I've been planning and preparing for next year already so I'm hoping that I'll actually have a bit of a summer break this year!
We are doing next year's science over the summer but so far that's gone very well and not been overwhelming. Year 4 done and year 5 coming up!

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