Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Being quite-a-bit Irish, it just seems fitting to honor St. Patrick's Day. We're not into the leprechaun and magical rainbows aspect of it but like honoring the testimony of a great man of God. See here for more info on Patrick here.

To celebrate and give the house a much needed dose of spring, I got crafty!
On the front door, I refashioned a grapevine wreath. I added some greenery picks and a berry sprig that I had on hand and a green bow with ribbon from my stash. Using my Cricut, I cut out 4 hearts and a letter 'J' to make a shamrock and tied it to dangle in the middle of the wreath. That dresses up our pitiful front door. (Yes, it has a crack in it. Yes, you can see daylight through it. Yes, it IS on the list to be replaced as soon as possible!)

On our mantel, I added some brass candlestick holders, 2 green candles, a boxwood ball from the dining room, and an Irish blessing printable that I found online (and didn't save the link, so if it was yours, please let me know!)

And I made a rag garland with fabric and cording that I had in my stash. (I love 'free' craft projects!) Using inspiration from here, I cut fabric strips into 2"x8" pieces and tied and tied and tied and tied.

A touch of green on our dining room table and buffet adds some spring too.

Here's where I party!


  1. I love your rag garland. so pretty.


  2. Very cute & festive!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!! :)


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