Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

To help keep the kids occupied during the summer (and to keep my sanity,) I have a schedule posted on our fridge. I know it sounds stiff and maybe even drill sergeant-y but it's really more of a guideline for our summer days that gives the kids a bit of the structure that they're used to from school. Here's what our day generally looks like:
Eat Breakfast and Clear Dishes
Free Choice
Get Dressed
Brush Teeth
Tidy Bed and Bedroom
School Books (I buy either the Summer Book through their school or a Summer Bridge book, and they do a page a day to keep up with skills they learned in the previous school year.)
Chore Time
Play Outside
Quiet/Room Time
Art Time
Play Outside
Free Choice
Dinner and Clear Dishes
Free Choice
Clean Up Toys

We also make time each week to go on some outings like the Make n Take at AC Moore, trips to the library, family movie day at Regal Theater, and other fun summer activities.

Part of the daily list though is Art Time. Most days, the kids just dig into their supplies and let their imaginations run wild but some days they want a bit of inspiration. To give them a little help, I put together an idea binder. Going online, I printed off a bunch of kid craft ideas that work for their ages, interests, the supplies we generally have on hand, and that don't make too much of a mess or require tons of supervision from Mom.
Great sites to check out for ideas are:

I printed 'em out, slipped them into clear page protectors and put them in a binder. If a craft came with patterns, I just put them in a facing page.
Same if the project was a little more involved and required more than 1 page for the instructions.
I grabbed a clip-art frame and typed in a quick title then printed it on a piece of cardstock. Easy-peasy cover after I slipped it into the view binder.
Of course, with all those finished projects, we needed some display space. This unfinished wall faces our family room space in our mostly unfinished basement (also where the craft supplies and table are.) We (meaning, the hubs) used some screws and string to hang 3 rows off of the exposed studs. The kids simply clip up their finished masterpieces with clothespins when they're done.
The schedule definitely helps keep the summer days movin' along. Of course if all else fails and the kids are still bored, they can always pick from the jar!

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  2. Glad to see some kid's projects to keep the little ones busy this summer! Thank you for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman Wicked Awesome Wednesday!


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