Sunday, December 22, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Traditions: Four Stocking Gifts

The stockings were hung...
While we don't do Santa in our house, we do hang stockings each year. The younglings know that mom and dad are the ones that fill them. They also like to tuck little surprises in there for us and for each other. 
Over the years, I made personalized stockings for each of us. Bass has moose because he's from New England; Mine has bells because of the whole music thing.
Tenor has sheep because his baby nursery was sheep; Soprano has snowflakes because she's unique.
Minding the budget as well as keeping Christmas from getting out of control (or having to load up stockings with a bunch of junky trinkets without any value), we limit stocking gifts to four things. We follow this sweet Victorian poem that I found years ago.
Do you do stockings? Do you load them up or keep things simple?

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