Tuesday, February 2, 2016

School Summary - End of WWI, Easter Uprising, Ghandi, Stalin, and Egypt

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A Summary of January 18-29
We're definitely in the 'week in, week out' repetitive part of the year. There are still good attitudes though which is helpful. (And the blizzard didn't hit until Friday afternoon so no staring sadly out the windows.)
Here's what we did:

Things that were scheduled:
Algebra II is off to a rough start. I thought it would be easy for him to go from I to II without any break in between, but it's introducing a lot of new concepts right off the bat. I'm hoping it will start to get easier for him soon.
Language Arts (Grammar with Writing and Literature for both; Spelling for Soprano)
Greek and Computer Science (Tenor), American Sign Language, Photography, and Sewing (Soprano)
Everything is moving along fine and they are enjoying their elective choices... except sewing. It's not easy and doesn't come naturally. Unfortunately, Soprano's usual response in that type of situation is to simply give up. So we've added a small battle of wills to the mix. The potholder got finished though. :)

My Father's World 1850 to Modern Times
We reached the end of WWI and the treaty of Versailles. I love how all the countries made it Germany's fault. Um, guys, they didn't start it. It is interesting though to see how that treaty set in motion more unrest and eventually WWII.

Bible: This year we will be learning (reviewing) basic Christian beliefs and memorizing key Bible passages. The curricula allows for several weeks of reviewing verses of our choice. We jumping back to the book of James from last year. We reviewed chapters 1 through 4, focusing on 3 and 4. I need to remember to record them saying the whole book this year. I wanted to but forgot last year.
History and Geography: 
We're not really feeling a lot of the activities this year. We briefly tried the passport activity -- it was way too much work, skipped the Flanders Field memorization (we're seriously bad Charlotte Mason'ers), skipped the salt march and the research project, and skipped the 14 points. We did the worksheets. lol (Where is Lenin and Arabic writing.) We also did the outlines and writing from outlines, timeline pieces, and maps. 
Science: We're also using the World of Science reading assignments to review what we learned this summer.
Other MFW: 
Music:  We listened to several pieces by George Gershwin. At first I was a little disappointed our CD was only instrumental versions. Then I went online to see the lyrics. They're not all bad, but I'm appreciating the instrumental a little more now.
Art: More Impressionism and more Van Gogh
You can see them all in my Youtube playlist for weeks 17-34.
The Presidents by The History Channel
There is a Sergeant York movie but we're waiting until the read-aloud is finished before watching it.

Favorite Books: 
none -- our library had slim pickings for weeks 20 and 21.

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