Saturday, December 17, 2016

O Christmas Trees

We might just have tree issues in this house. :) Here's the tour:
The living room tree (not real...I'm too lazy to put lights on it every year). We got it at Walmart a couple years ago. It's an ornament tree with scads of ornaments from my childhood, Bass's childhood, a couple ornament swaps I did as a teen, ornaments we've been given during our married life, and some of the padawans' ornaments.
Plus beaded garland, ribbon, a lighted star, and this year, Bass's grandfather's train underneath. Tenor begged hard to put the tree in the front window and set up the train this year.
One of our traditions is to get an ornament for ourselves each year and get one for the padawans. When they grow up and move out on their own, they'll have a stash of ornaments to put on their first trees. Those trees will probably be pretty full too! My mom has given them ornaments each year plus other ornament gifts have come their way.
This year we gave Soprano a tennis ornament (I bought it last year on clearance; she quit tennis this year; I gave it to her anyway. haha)
Both padawans received a Washington D.C. ornament to remember our 3 trips there this year.
 Our 'parent' ornament was also from Washington D.C.
 Tenor's ornament was a Doctor Who tardis. What I didn't know was that my "students" got me the same exact ornament as their Christmas "teacher" gift. :)
Our other trees include our woodland/Maine/outdoors tree in the family room. This has lots of felt ornaments, cranberry bead garland, and a ton of birds... :)

and my beaded snowflake ornament tree. The hand-beaded garland and ornaments were made by my great-grandmother so this tree has sentiment hanging all over it.
 Tree #4 is in Tenor's room. He puts some of his personal ornaments on it.
And Soprano's pink tree in her room. We use old milk crates as the bases for the padawans' trees. I sewed a little box-shaped cover from old white denim fabric I had in my stash. Super easy...a long rectangle attached to a square with a fold over hem at the bottom. We put a piece of cardboard on top of the crate, then cover it to hide the ugly and add stability for the trees.
That brings the current decorated-tree count to 5! The mitten drying tree doesn't count, right?

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