Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Updated To-Do List for 2012

Last year, I posted my project to-do list to help keep me going. Nothing quite as motivating as having a list to check off when projects are completed. :)
Since we're in a new year, here's my updated list:

DONE * A gallery wall for the master bedroom with fabric matted pics and 3D objects like this starfish pic
* shelf decor for the master bedroom like this beautiful room
DONE * a fabric bunting for the old window in the master bedroom
* Moss or twine balls for the dining room like these
* Cloth napkins for everyday use (to be frugal and good environmental stewards)
* Sew fabric runners for the piano and the entry cupboard
* Paint the entry area cupboard
* Make picture ledges for a gallery in the living room
* Dress up the bay window sill (still no ideas other than random seasonal decorations)
* Paint a bird silhouette on an old board we have like this one
* Paint a chalkboard on the kitchen door
* Make art for laundry shelf (I have the frames and the ideas!)
* Make a name sign for Tenor's room like this
* Make a jewelry holder for Soprano's room maybe like this or this
(NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) * Add vinyl house numbers to the front door
After looking at the door and doing some mock-ups in Word, our door just won't work with house numbers on it. The screen door covers too much of the bottom, while any wreath I put up will cover up too much at the top.
* Make a mason jar soap dispenser and clay tag for the half bathroom
DONE * a pine cone garland for my winter mantel
* a summer memories jar with beach sand from our vacations

Plus actual renovation/remodeling/landscaping projects like:
* Add countertops and utility sink in the laundry room
* Make a shelf for above the washer and dryer
* replacing all interior doors
* and make-the-kitchen-work-until-we-can-gut-it projects:
Paint the kitchen cabinets and soffit (replace the backsplash??)
Remove the paneling in the kitchen
DONE Remove the Narnia lamp
(NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) Build out the half wall so it makes more sense
After going around and around with different ideas to build out the wall, we couldn't make it work without really closing off the kitchen from the dining room. We have baseboard radiators along the floor on the kitchen side so we can't make the half wall less deep than it currently is. We like the area more open so until we redo the heating system, we're going to leave it as is.
Replace the lights?
Add a work table/island thing and saddle stools

Looks like it'll be another busy year. Lucky hubs. ;)

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