Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love is {a} blind

This has been a long time coming... for over a year, our main bathroom window treatment has been an old sheet that we had used as a drop cloth. Cleverly hung with thumb tacks. Classy, eh? 
The hold up on getting a window treatment goes back to when we moved into the house. We had to gut this entire bathroom, to the studs, to fix the leaking plumbing and the serious ugliness. Well, the demo got a little over-ambitious, and we took out the windowsill. No biggie, you say, just get some windowsill at the Depot or Lowes. However, our old house has windowsills that are deeper than the standard depth.
About a month ago, Bass talked to a wood-working friend and traded some time on one of his projects to have him cut a windowsill for us. He did a fantastic job! The new windowsill allowed us to finally install the window trim which meant we could finally get a real window treatment.
The kids were at a church activity so we had a date night with dinner out and a shopping trip to pick something. Love is {a} blind, right?

We found a great bamboo blind at a great price and installed it the next day. The only problem... it was a little less private than our drop cloth. I figured I could line it with some fabric. Here's how I did it:
I cut a piece of fabric to size and then hemmed all the edges for a finished look.
To make the fabric go up and down with the blind mechanism, I cut a slit down to the first grommet.
I cut a slit on the opposite side also.
After I cut the slits, I unthreaded the wires from the jump rings and laid the fabric over the rings.

To get the rings through the fabric, I just cut a little slit (big enough for the rings to move around a little) and poked them through.
Once the rings were poked through the fabric, I rethreaded the strings onto the jump rings.
Here are both sides finished...

To finish it off, Bass helped staple the top of the fabric to the wood frame.
And there she is!
No more ugly drop cloth and no more nightly "shows" for the neighbors. It's been a long time coming, and I love it! This was the last step in the bathroom redo. Full reveal coming soon!

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  1. Very smart solution. I've wondered a few times how I could line our bamboo blinds as they sure are see thru-ey. Luckily we only have one neighbor to look into our windows and there are trees blocking his view. I make sure the curtains are closed before I run thru the house.

  2. Cute!

    We have a window actually in our shower, and one panel is frosted glass but for some reason the other panel is clear. We did something similar and hung and old frosted shower curtain over it, and have recently sprayed window frosting paint on the outside. But your solution is much cuter!

  3. Thanks for the tute! It came just in time.. I hung one of these matchstick blinds in our bathrooms only to find out that they were see through!!!! I ended up using a frosted contact on the window as a temporary fix since there wasn't any view anyway... I'll be trying your idea, thanks!


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