Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Heat and Energy Units 1 and 2

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We're already starting our third (of four) science book of the summer. I think the youngling and the padawan will really enjoy the next books. We'll be moving from chemistry into physics. I'm starting our physics study with God's Design for the Physical World: Heat and Energy.
This is the stuff I remember from my school days so I'm hoping it will be easy to explain the concepts.

For unit 1, we learned about the different forms of energy by
observing mechanical energy,
Pushing a penny off the table; It had potential energy, and then we gave it kinetic energy.
 harnessing wind energy,
 showing how height affects potential energy,
Rolling a marble down a ramp

We skipped the chemical energy scavenger hunt, researching biofuels, and making a nuclear power plant model.

In unit 2, we explored thermal energy. (Not so much fun standing over a hot stove in the middle of summer. :) )
We heated up water and vegetable oil to learn about specific heat.
We skipped testing insulators and conductors but observed the heat of fusion and vaporization,
and observed convection.
blue food coloring in cold water to be added to very warm water
red food coloring in very warm water to be added to very cold water
We skipped the appliance design activity and the "testing for radiated energy" experiment as well as the lesson 10 experiments.

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