Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Science - AIG Properties of Atoms and Molecules Units 6 and 7

I respectfully ask that you not pin pictures of my children to Pinterest. Thank you!

I only picked select lessons from unit 6 and 7.
For unit 6, we read but didn't do "A Balanced Diet". We did the pineapple juice enzyme experiment though.
Spoiler alert: eventually they all sink to the bottom.
We watched three pieces of banana rot in the decomposition experiment.
Top left: warm and light; Top right: warm and dark (and smelly!); Bottom: cold and dark.
We skipped lesson 27 and the experiment in lesson 28.
For unit 7, we skipped lesson 29. In lesson 30, we showed how rubber polymers act,
Drawing pictures on a blown-up balloon.
We made our own polymer balls. Our ratios may have off a bit since our balls didn't really form well. Then we left them out too long, and they dried out.
Soprano's on the left... looks like "Castaway"'s Wilson.
We skipped lesson 32 and the experiment in lesson 33, since we had done a balloon rocket last year.
Lesson 34 was a whole bunch of chemical reaction experiments. We showed how molecules react and move,
milk and food coloring reacting with dish soap
showed more moving molecules,
checked out how the powder in disposable diapers works,
I did NOT choose the yellow food coloring. Perhaps green would have been better?
and made our own goop.
Chemistry done! Next up, physics!

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